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5 Inappropriate Halloween Costumes for Kids

The other day my neighbor was delighted to find out her sitter had taken her kids to pick out costumes while she and her husband had been away for the weekend. Great activity to keep the kids entertained while mom and dad are away, AND we all know how much FUN it is going to the party store and sorting through dozens of plastic junk and cheap costumes while our little ones mull it over like it's the biggest decision they'll ever have to make. Win-win, right?

Until he came in the room wearing this:


They call it the Mac Daddy but we all know what it is. It's a PIMP costume. Where do you think he got the bling and the money? I, personally think they should go all out and have mom dress up in a matching 'ho costume.

It got me thinking,

what other inappropriate kid costumes are out there this year?


Let's have a look:

Here we have the pop star which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the exposed midriff and the obvious Brittany reference. Not that I have anything against Britt but she did go through a strange period of not really showing a lot of self-respect.

I get it. My kid wants to be  a Rock Star too. But can't she do it wearing a shirt that, you know, fits?


And we have the kid version of a Chambermaid....


Um - isn't the whole idea of the Chambermaid supposed to be the naughty chambermaid? Because the lady that came every 2 weeks to clean my house growing up did NOT wear this. Why not just dress in old jeans and a t-shirt and carry around a bucket of Lysol and sponges and call yourself a 'cleaning lady'. Why? Because it's not sexy.

Which brings me to...

The Girls Bratty Doctor costume.

Hm. I know lots of female doctors and not one wears thigh-high stockings to work. Or, if they do, they are hidden UNDER PANTS. Oh wait, this costume is supposed to be based on the Bratz dolls? Oh I see, the thigh-highs are actually rolled down to be knee-highs. Makes it so much better, no?


Now this one might be a stretch but I had to find another boy costume because there are endless inappropriate girl costumes. Thus, I bring you a costume that screams 'poor sportsmaship' which is definitely what you want to teach your kids, right?

Blind referee - I get it. It's funny. Until you ring the doorbell of a local ref.

For the record, I am not ultra conservative. I am, however, neurotic about raising girls and have become highly sensitive to anything slightly 'sexy'. I admit, I can be a hypocrit as well. In college a few friends of mine and I dressed up as....multiple orgasms. And while the idea was sex-related, it was most definitely not sexy. (The fact that we hung out with "The Fallopian Swim Team" all night still makes me giggle.)

So, I may be over thinking this costume thing. Or am I?

Would you let your 8 year old wear these?


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links and if you buy one of these it will show up in my Amazon report. Well, I'll see that someone bought one, I won't know who. But I bet I can guess!