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Just another reason why I love Twitter. And the 80s

As I wrote about earlier El has been playing around with the little keyboard we have and one of the songs she learned was a very popuar one in the 80s.

She wanted to know the name of the song but I couldn't remember.

We tried Shazam but that doesn't work if you can only hum or sing the song.

I could't find a recording of it without knowing the name so, I asked on Twitter.

But how do you 'sing' a song that has no words on Twitter?

So I typed this:

And then started laughing because who would possibly be able to get that?

Well, my friend @Busymom did and she replied...

And she was totally right!

And then we looked it up on YouTube and El said,

"That song was made in the 80s?!?!?"

and I proudly said,

"Of course".

And she frowned and said,

"But it's such a cool song!"

Whatever punk. You're all punks. The 80s rocked and you missed it.

Forever defending my decade,



Fashionista Friday - Twinkle Toes are Not Just for Dancing

My Mom was in town visiting and a tradition she has started is taking the Twofer shoe shopping.

Whenever they need new sneakers, Grandma loves to go


better yet


This year El ran right up to the table with all the blingity bling on it. The table had a sign on it that said Twinkle Toes which makes you think of dance shoes, right?


This table was covered with sparkly sneakers.

And she had her heart set on a certain pair that are high-tops.

And a certain color.

Bad hair day...but fabulous shoes!

And her enthusiasm alone convinced her twin sister that she MUST have the same pair.

I argued they aren't practical for sneakers, it's the middle of winter, they will grow out of them before Spring when they can really wear them and enjoy them....

And Grandma said, "Oh let them get them! What do you care? I'm paying for them."

purple high top sneakers with bling

And all was good.


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