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Scenes from a Tween Bedroom Lead to Inspiration.

Last week we made one of our regular trips up to Grandma's for some back to school shopping and the annual raid on my neice's hand-me-downs.

My neice is going to be 12 and she recently revamped her room.

Paint, some new furniture, new stuff on the walls.

Basically she got rid of the pink.

You hit 10 and you can't be within a foot of the color pink. Duh.

Walking into her room I was suddenly transported to my own teen years.

Posters of my favorite people.


Jewelry hanging all over.


Nail polish collection.


And you can't have just any lamp shade.



But the thing I loved the most was this little inspirational wall hanging.


Such a simple, yet powerful message for girls today.

And so very, very important.

It reminded me of why I love the Be You Be True t-shirts so much.

Be yourself.

And you'll be happy.

Have you stepped into a tween or teen room lately? Were you surprised to find something?


Studio Jewel Makes Valentine's Day Shopping Easy and Affordable

Guys, listen up... (and by guys I mean men and women)

Valentine's Day Shopping Should Not Be Stressful!

You are shopping for someone you love and while you want to impress, you also don't want to break the bank. Not these days. I can give you one place to go and there is STILL time to get that treasured gift and keep it




Studio Jewel from The Bead Girl


Studio Jewel has Great gifts for HIM or HER as pictured above.

Recently my friend Lisa, aka @thebeadgirl and the genius metalsmith behind Studio Jewel gave me my very own ring for my birthday:

I have received tons of compliments both online and off. I was thinking the copper version Lisa did with the heart in the center would be a fabulous Valentine's Day gift! I realized she had so many other great items including the related cufflinks pictured above that it screamed...BLOG POST!

So, as a thank you to Lisa for my ring and as a public service announcement to all of you scrambling to get that Valentine's Day gift before next Monday

Shop Studio Jewel.

Also, check out the Haiti Relief Necklace that has won several awards (ok, they are my own awards but I get tons of compliments on this necklace and my friend Leticia over at TechSavvyMama does too)!


Disclosure: I received a ring from Lisa for no other reason than because she felt sorry for me that I a) could not be at Blissdom with her and my other buddies and b) was without power on my 40th birthday. Also, she's really cool and nice and just a good Internet friend. She knows nothing of this post, didn't see it, approve it, pay me for it. I'm just spreading the love of her store and her mad crazy jewelry making skillz.


Fashion Friday - Fashion for a Cause

No one needs to justify bling to me, but knowing that something is also raising money for a good cause makes it all that much easier to say YES to!

Bulgari's Ring Desiged for Save the Children



Fashion Friday - Modern Jewelry Made With Antique Details

These are Antiques I Can Really Appreciate

This morning I was at a local antique store called Goldsborough Glynn Antiques, and found the MOST amazing line of jewelry that takes repurposed antique pieces to create these beautiful, modern bracelets and necklaces.

Check these out!




And each one has the artist's signature tassel hanging from the clasp.




But I fell DEEPLY in love with this asymmetrical necklace. I loved the off-balance look and it reminded me a bit of the Haiti necklace from Studio Jewel that I reviewed a while back.




Each piece is unique and you can see how beautifully the artist blends the antique details with a new, contemporary look.

I believe these ran about $150 - $200 but they give you a lifetime of compliments. I want them all. So start clicking on my ads thankyouverymuch.



Fashionista Friday - taking a queue from Wonder Woman

What is the most memorable part of Wonder Woman? (keep it clean folks please)

Is is that red bustier?

The blue 'shorts' with white stars?

The red boots?

No. None of these.

It is Wonder Woman's cuffs that has made the greatest fashion statement.

I love cuffs.

They look cool. They make my arms look strong. They make a statement.

Here are some of my own cuffs.

leather flower cuff $5, red plastic molded cuff $5, silver cuff from my Grandma


And here are some I would love to have

the Harley cuff by Studio Jewel $80

 Stainless Steel Brushed Cuff Bracelet


Copper and Silver Ribbed Adjustable Azteca Cuff Bracelet

Let me know your thoughts on the cuffs, WW, or anything else you want to this Friday!