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Whoa! Things have gotten a little slow around here!

It's been so long since I posted I think I have actual cobwebs on my blog!

The spam commenters are back in full force too. That's nothing you'll see but I see it on the back end in old posts and whatnot.

So where have I been?

Well, the end of the school year is always crazy with butterfly release parties and all that good stuff.

And Swim Team always keeps us busy from before school lets out when practice is every week night.

Then we went on vacation to the Jersey Shore like we did last year. (Remember the Bumpit photos?)

Then I played catch up with work...

But now I'm back, and ready to roll.

I have a few new things I'll announce in the coming weeks.

And a few headaches I'm sure to experience.

So what have YOU been up to?


Grandma turns gifts into a lesson on money, shopping, and saving with a mini yard sale

I cannot take credit for this idea.

Only a pair of grandmas (listen up Sugar and Rachel) could come up with something as exciting, fun, and best of all inexpensive as this!

Gift From Grandma

Each year we head to the Jersey Shore early in the season. My mom and my aunt get there before us and usually they arrive the weekend of the city-wide yard sale. Each year we get there and they have purchased a collection of gifts (knick-knacks) for each child.

The kids are thrilled. They love gifts, they love surprises, and, as anyone who's ever brought home birthday party goody bags can attest, they love gobs of platic and paper crap.

Grandma's Yard Sale

This year the grandmas did something different.

They laid out each item along the porch steps of the beach house. Items were marked with a price that varied from 1 cent to 8 cents, and each child was given $.20 in pennies.



We explained to the kids they can only purchase 4 items so they need to budget wisely and take their time to look over all the items before making a decision.



The simple exercise of laying out the items, pricing them, and allowing the kids to shop made them really appreciate the 'gifts'. I liked it because the Twofer were learning something about the value of money. The grandmas loved watching the kids' reaction ("Oh this plastic rose is soooo beautiful Grammy!") and everyone had a good laugh at how exciting a pile of junk and some pennies can be.

Crap is still crap but some crap is worth keeping

By the end of the week everyone's purchases were still just crap to me, but the kids seemed to keep them organized. They had spent money on them afterall! So it all came home with us...until our next yard sale.


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Beach Cover-Ups

Fashionista Friday: the Family that Bumpits Together


Fashion Friday - cover ups for beach or pool

The other day I was invited to a friend's club for a little adult-only swimming and lunch. (Can I just tell you how nice it was to have an uninterupted conversation that lasted about 3 hours!)

The first thing I thought was,

"I can't wear the same cover-up that I wear to my pool!"

So I grabbed a lightweight dress I picked up on our Jersey Shore vacation instead.

I started to think about it...what is a cover-up? Is it supposed to be obvious you just came from the beach or pool? Or is it something that is supposed to disguise the fact that your sitting in a swim suit? I tend to err on the side of modesty rather than....


Image of Vintage 80s Bikini Oversized Beach T-shirt Cover Up Mini via midnightflight on EtsyYes, that over-sized t-shirt is considered vintage according to Etsy. Want to shop more vintage 80s? Check out Midnight Flight.

Here are a few cover-ups that I found that would be suitable for beach, pool, or country club:

This is the Athleta Sugar Tunic is perfect for the early days of summer when it's warmer in the water than when you get out. Or bring it to the beach for the cool nights you have with bonfires.


Some cover-ups are more fitted like this Speedo Tie Front Cover-Up Dress so be sure to test them out over any suit that has a swim skirt.


A maxi dress is a great way to cover up at the beach or pool as well. This Xhilaration® Maxi Dress in yellow is fun and 'summery'. It also provides great coverage around the problem areas.

How do you cover up at the pool? Do you go for full-coverage or something a little more revealing?


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links.


Fashionista Friday Jersey Shore Edition: The Family That Bumpits Together...

This week I've been enjoying a relaxing vacation at the Jersey Shore. Actually, I'm the next town over from where MTV's hit reality show of the same name was filmed!

So, in honor of Jersey, Snooki, and the whole Jersey Girl phenomenon, I had my family members model the fabulous fashion tool called,



Snooki is the queen of the Bumpit, or poof hairstyle:


We may have fair skin, short nails, and wavy hair, but we can work the Bumpit too. I've also taken it upon myself to give everyone an official Jersey Shore nickname!

The Twofer (E-Squared) and I (J-to-the-Nine) with Bumpits...that's how we roll at the Jersey Shore



Grandma (G-Money) Bumpits



Aunt Sue (Suzy-Q) and cousins (Junebug and DJ-AJ) rollin at the shore



Auntie D (Diggity) workin the Bumpit



Cousin Christine (Cookie) showing Bumpits work in short hair too



Em modeling just how high the Bumpit can get your hair



Do you Bumpit? Let's all Fist Bumpit! Then tell me your Jersey Shore name.

J-to-the-Nine (Janine)