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Take your child to work day means watching a foal take its first steps

Call it fate, coincidence, or God's will but somehow this year's take-your-child-to-work-day just happens to be the same day that The Mister's horse gave birth!

He has a little race horse called Seeking Options who has been settled in Delaware for her maternity.

The past few days she's been "ready to go" but you just never know when. All you know, according to the horse folk, is that it happens late at night into early morning. It never happens during the day.

Seeking Options pregnant and ready for birth

So knowing the girls could take today off for take-your-child-to-work-day, The Mister packed them up last night and headed to the farm to sit and wait.

Amazingly she went into labor at around 11:30 pm and 15 minutes later had a brand new baby foal.

 baby foal just a few minutes old

baby foal and mother nuzzling 

And the girls watched the whole thing!

El is still sleeping (they decided to come home and arrived around 3:30 am) but according to Em it was "cool and gross!".

Wait! El just got up and she said, "it was really yucky when it came out but isn't the foal soooo cuuuute?".

I'd say they put in a good day at work, and learned that some things are worth laboring for.

They need a day just to process what they saw, and ask a gajillion questions about it.

Good thing The Mister is here cause I'm heading off to a day of meetings!

UPDATE: Here's the full video!



Twofer in their First Horse Show at Potomac Horse Center

M & L lookin' darn cute before their 1st horse show

Riding at Potomac Horse Center

As you may know, the Twofer have been taking riding lessons at Potomac Horse Center since September. It's a great place to start riding because they offer lessons as early as age 5 (Twofer have been asking since age 3!) and they are #1 in terms of safety and instruction. They offer a number of 'client shows' each year which are a great way to introduce kids to competition and showing horses.

Here are the details you need to know:
1. They were excited to sign up for the show...but then not very excited to participate the day of the show.
2. They looked darn cute in their white shirts and braids/pony tails
3. L got a 2nd Place and M got a 3rd Place!
4. This was their first ever know, where not everyone wins.

L- 2nd Place with Pumpkin

Here are the things you don't really need to know but I will tell you anyway
1. They did NOT put them in the same class (whew!)
2. I'm not sure they even knew it was a competition.
3. Afterward L was upset that s
he got 2nd place (the red ribbon) and not 6th place (the pink ribbon).
4. M handled the whole getting third while her sister got a 2nd place really, really, really well.
M - 3rd Place with Minnie

First competition = food for my neuroses

The neurotic me was thinking this could be a nightmare. The logical me realized this is something they have to learn NOW. Not everyone wins. Not everyone gets the same color ribbon. Some days you will perform better than other days. But going out there and having fun DOES matter because in the end, that's what you take home - a smile.

Here's a short video showing them hanging with their friend Jenna before their events, and then L walking and M trotting.

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