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Great Resource for Home Tutoring Just in Time for Back to School



Where to go for help when you kids need help in school?

So far my girls are doing fine in school, but as they get older and their school work is more challenging, I will definitely consider hiring a tutor to help them stay on track. But where do you start when looking for someone who you trust, who has a knack for teaching, and who your child will be able to relate to? Where can you find a tutor that you know is qualified, and that you are comfortable having around your child? Varsity Tutors is one reliable resource that can help you find a local tutor that can help your child with specific academic work and test preparation.

Hand-picked Tutors

Not everyone can be a tutor. Someone may have tested well themselves and received perfect grades, but they struggle with communicating complex topics in a simplified way. Varsity Tutors has a rigorous screening program that includes phone and in-person interviews, review of transcripts and test scores, prior teaching or mentoring experience, and a background check.


Here's how Varsity Tutors works:

Visit and enter your location and contact information.

Varsity Tutors will select the pre-screened tutor that best fits your needs and email you the information and pricing.

The tutor will call you to arrange the sessions at a mutually agreed upon location (your home, at a library, or anywhere else that is convenient).

For any tutoring provided at a client's home where the client is under age 18, they require a parent or legal guardian to be at home during tutoring.

Want more information?

Visit to learn more and fill out the short form to receive information on a tutor that fits your needs. You can also browse through tutors and read testimonials.

Have you hired a tutor for your child? I'd love to hear how you found them!



Disclosure: I received compensation in exchange for introducing my readers to Varsity Tutors.


Portable Homework Study Carrel is My Crafty Piece de Resistance

We have finally figured out a way to provide some quiet study space for homework and keep twin eyes on their on work. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, the DIY study carrel:

 homework study carrel

This nifty project was not only fun, it will help the girls focus on their own work.

Create your own study carrel

I first saw this project on the Disney website. Since I'm all about reusing now, I started looking around the house for materials we already had. I grabbed some clear plastic boxes I had saved this year (chocolate bunnies from Easter I believe) and cut off the top, then lined the inside with a cute image.

 reuse material for pencil box


I taped the image just lightly to the back of the box so we can swap it out for something new or seasonal whenever we want

We loved the blue in the Disney sample so we purchased a similar blue tri-fold presentation board but you can get them in all different colors. We cut the board in half to make two study carrels. Then I scrounged around and found some foam mounting squares , Command hooks , and self-stick Velcro to attach all the necessary items:

  • pencil holder (the clear box)
  • magnet strip (this came from Ikea)
  • ruler
  • clear plastic folder to hold week-long assignments
  • calendar

I cut up some plastic packaging the erasers came in to create a smaller container and used velcro to attach the pencil box so that we can take it off to change the image.



Homework Time Made Easier

With all the drama we has last year, I'm not quite sure why I didn't search for something like this sooner. These study carrels can fold up easily, and used on a table or even on the living room floor. The storage boxes means I'm not search around the house for pencils and erasers and glue. And the folder keeps weekly assignments like spelling lists in a safe place.

clear plastic folder on study carrel

Dare I say the love homework time now? And I'm earning my crafty mom badge!


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Disclosure: some links are affiliate links.