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Extreme Makeover Home Edition Hits Nashville on Sunday

Nashville Still Needs a Little Love


An old childhood friend of mine who lives outside of Nashville reached out to me during the floods and asked me to help get the word out about it. It seems like there wasn't a lot of coverage...or help.

For some reason, Nashville was left to defend for themselves but they, as a city, didn't complain. They rolled up their sleeves and did for themselves.

I was happy to hear Extreme Makeover Home Edition made the trip to Nashville

Extreme Makeover Hits Nashville

In Sunday's episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition (8:00 pm ET) we meet the Sweatt Family and The Lighthouse School they were operating since 2003.

The Lighthouse School and the Sweatt family are touchstones in the way that they inspire the community by lending a hand. They've provided shelter, food, water, clothing, counseling and myriad social and financial services. Many families had no place to turn to and no idea of what steps to take until the Sweatts offered them some guidance. Lighthouse has lived up to its name and become a beacon of hope to a shattered community, but now it could use some support too. Eight of their 18 buildings were damaged beyond repair in the storms, and their preschool was completely demolished. Their finances nearly depleted, they don't have the resources to hire skilled labor to rebuild the school. Lighthouse has been developing young minds for more than 30 years, but now they're faced with the brutal possibility of having to shut down the school.

Not only that, we'll meet Leigh Ann Tuhoy (the mom from The Blind Side) who is the show's newest designer, as well as see Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, and LeAnn Rimes join in the effort.

I know what I'll be doing Sunday night. What about you?


Disclosure: This post is Sponsored By Extreme Makeover Home Edition. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published.


Help me get dressed for Blissdom 09!

Blissdom 09 is going to be my first ever blogging conference. I'm excited to meet so many amazing women, learn some digi skills from my roommate Linda, and get inspired for v2 of this little time suck I call my blog.

I'm also a little overwhelmed....

because there is a cocktail party...

and I haven't been to a cocktail party in a very long time.

What do I wear???

That is why I have begged, cajoled and harassed you into visiting my blog.
I need you to help me choose from 3 outfits.

Here are 3 outfits shown in crappy photos I took with my phone and a little description. I could put each outfit on and model it for you while my husband plays photog with our Nikon D40 digital SLR camera, but that would make too much sense and make this blog look way more professional than it really is.
Also, I'm lazy.

So do the best you can with what I have here.

Outfit A: conservative yet classy

Pencil skirt with pink blazer paired
with my favorite (only) Prada purse, and peep-toe pumps

Outfit B: fun and funky
Black velor coat with embroidery, satin shoulder blouse,
skinny jeans (not shown) and black mules

Outfit C: the dress

Dark navy dress with red satin slingbacks and a
kelly green quilted satin clutch (not shown) for more color

Your job?
Leave a comment telling me what is most appropriate for a blogging conference cocktail hour: A, B or C

I will forever be grateful!
Faithfully yours,