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FOOD: I will not be afraid

I had the pleasure of meeting with author Robyn O'Brien yesterday courtesy of Stoneyfield Farms and now I am re-thinking food. But I won't be afraid any longer.

OK, I'm still a little afraid.

I'm afraid to read Robyn's book, "The Unhealthy Truth ", because in it I know she will explain, in detail, what she found doing her OWN research,

as a mom,

trying to help her kids with allergies.

And here is just a smidgen of WHY you should not be afraid to read the book.

Food Allergies and Their Symptoms:

The GOOD news is that there are companies like Stonyfield who support local, organic farmers. There are organic restaurants like Restaurant Nora, host of this event, who also support our local, organic farms. And, according to Robin, even big brands like Walmart and Coca Cola offer chemical-free versions of their products in other countries! WHY? Because the mother's in Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and other countries said so!

See how powerful we moms can be?

So let's be brave together.

Let's read "The Unhealthy Truth " with eyes and ears wide open.

Let's make some small changes in our food consumption starting with organic milk, yogurt, and cheese.

If we feel it affecting our financial status we will make adjustments - Meatless Monday anyone?

And maybe we'll be motivated to get some laws changed.


Who's in???


Disclosure: I ate a delicious lunch, met an inspiring mother / author, sampled some deeelicious yogurt (really, try the caramel flavor!), and received a gift bag courtesy of Stonyfield. I was under no obligation to write or even talk about what I saw, heard, and learned but boy - how could I not?? All opinions are mine. This post was neither approved, nor reviewed prior to being published. Some links are affiliate links.


New Year, New 'Tude

Some things have me stressed out already just 5 days into the new year. But nothing that compares to what a few friends of mine are dealing with.

I was catching up with my brother yesterday and we were chatting about just how lucky we both really are. Sure we have things that stress us out, but even at the very worst....

say I lose my job, have to leave our home, whatever I imagine my worst to be...

at least I have my health and my kids health.

I have my family, good friends, lots of love and joy.

I have my mind,  I have peace.

And then my brother said something really brilliant,

"I'm going to spend more time being thankful for the things I have TODAY because life is too short to worry about the things I might lose tomorrow."

I have no idea if that is original or not.

I just liked it.

And I want to live it.

Every day.

What are you focused on as we start the new year? I'd love to hear about something really inspiring.



What I Learned at My Annual Physical

Every year I learn something new when I have my annual physical. Usually it's health-related, but sometimes it's just the experience of going to the doctor's office, getting blood drawn, and people watching in the waiting room.


This is what I learned this year during my annual physical:

I need an e-reader

I love to read and I bring a book with me whenever I think I'll have a few minutes to read. Doctor's office visits are great reading moments. But having dragged this book with me from waiting room to exam room to blood draw room it became clear that I need a nook, Kindle or some kind of e-reader.



I am shrinking

I am officially 2 inches shorter than I was about 8 years ago. I also have decided I need to start taking calcium of vitamin D supplements ASAP and I need to get back into yoga. Even if yoga doesn't really stretch me, I feel taller when I'm doing it regularly.


I still haven't learned to read directions

Make sure the water fountain is for your mouth before bending down to take a drink or you will get an eye-full.


Giving 'some' blood can mean different things

I have a potential blood clotting thing that I decided should be verified and my doctor agreed and said I should have 'some' blood drawn. 'Some' to me is a tube or two of my life source. This year I was in for a treat! The tech kept taking tube after tube after tube and filling them up in a little rack.

All. For. Me. To. Fill


What have you learned during your annual physical?



Share your Healthcare Story to Ensure Lawmakers Don’t Leave Our Children Out

I am going to 'Speak Now For Kids' to let Congress know they MUST include children as they consider health care reform!

I don’t know anyone that is thrilled with their insurance situation.

  • There are families like us who are self-employed and pay an enormous amount of money each month.
  • There are families who have children with special needs that must forgo important therapies because the out-of-pocket cost is simply too great.
  • There are families who have suffered a job loss and are now faced with the decision of paying their mortgage or their health insurance.
Tell Congress to include children in the health care decision NOW
Congress has a VERY tight time-line for this legislation and we need to let them know NOW how we feel. Speak Now For Kids wants to give children a voice in the great health care debate and they need YOU (parent
s, grandparents, aunts, uncles, care givers, teachers, physicians, etc.) to share your story. We need to let Congress know that they MUST consider the needs of children in the health care discussion.

Instead of the ‘copy-and-paste-this-into-an-email-and-send-to-your-congressman…’ campaign Speak Now For Kids will be mapping out everyone’s story so they can generate a report that shows what people are saying in what state.

Please take a minute to share your story.
Go to
Fill out a short survey and log your name and location (important to sho. Then Join the Facebook fan page and follow @SpeakNowForKids on Twitter.



This. Is. Cool. KaBOOM! mapping 100,000 play spaces in 100 days

Imagine you are on vacation at your inlaws and just really need to find a great playground for your 2 and 4 year olds...nothing too big, shade preferred.

You go to KaBOOM! 's playspace finder and BOOM! There's the perfect park not 5 miles from where you are.

But KaBOOM! needs your help.

KaBOOM! wants to map 100,000 playspaces in just 100 days. I'm helping the Mom Central team add play spaces because for every space we add, $1 will be donated to Jumpstart, a non-profit that brings at-risk preschool children and caring adults together to improve literacy.

What is considered a playspace for KaBOOM?

a playground

skate park
roller hockey rink
dog park
community center
basketball court
ice rink
or any place where kids can engage in unstructured play for free or a nominal fee.

A playspace listing on KaBOOM! consists of an address or cross street and a description, one photo and one rating.

Join KaBoom! (registration takes 1 min.) then join the Mom Central team. Be sure to log your playspaces. Look up the ones you frequent on the internet and when you are there take a quick picture with your phone - you can upload it to twitpic! Then be sure to add a rating and any other information you think parents might want to know.

Boom! You just earned a dollar for Jumpstart.

But hurry - as of today there are just 68 days to go!

I thank you, Mom Central thanks you, and all the kids and parents looking for places to play thank you.