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Fashionista Friday - handbags make the perfect Mother's Day gift

You simply can't go wrong with a handbag for your mom. Here's why:

1. You don't have to sweat it out trying to figure out her size or take the chance you'll insult her but suggesting she wears a size larger (or smaller).

2. You can go a little crazy and take a chance one a bright color, funky fabric, etc because it's an accessory and not something that can't be substituted.

3. You can always find something affordable that doesn't look affordable if you know what I mean. This will get your more mom brownie points for half the price.

Here are a few I'm eyeing up and yes they are all affiliate links to go and shop and maybe just maybe I can get one of these for know, since I work so hard at keeping you enteretained and all.

The Beach Tote

The white bag I've never had


The "OMG everyone but me has a mustard yellow handbag" option

And, The Clutch

(and what a clutch this is!)

Which one do you want?

Oh yes, and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms...including my own, who will not be getting a handbag for Mother's Day but rather a lovely Hallmark card that might have a photo of a handbag.




Fashion Friday: (on Monday) Wearing Wristlets

So I completely spaced Fashion Friday last week and of all people to remind mother.

She even reminded me of a topic for the week: Wristlets

You see we took Em shopping with us...the usual grocery store, Bed Bath & Beyond, and then Mom wanted to run into DSW to look for some shoes. She had told the girls she'd get them each a "little something" while we were out. Even for El who chose to stay home.

"A Little Something" is very subjective.

It means something completely different to a grandma, a mom, and an almost 7-year old that is way to conscious of what (and soon whom) she is wearing.

At DSW Em found about 1,000 pairs of shoes to try on and thankfully they don't have kids shoes there.

She also screamed a little when she saw the handbag area. (I am NOT exaggerating)

That is where she found her "Little Something"

Fashion Friday

A pink wristlet for her to carry all her important, chapstick, her fake credit card, a mirror, and a notepad.

For El we chose a few small things that we thought she would like. But when she saw the wristlet she had to have one too. So, we went to Target where she fell in love with...

Fashion Friday

As an animal lover, it's no surprise she went wtih Zebra stripes.

But wristlets aren't just for little girls. Here are a few that are perfect for spring and summer:


Emilie Sloan Payton Wristlet $21.00



Bungalow360 Mini Canvas Clutch $20.00


Keep a wristlet as a wallet in your larger bag. Grab it when you head to the Farmer's Market or the park. Invest in one with a little bling for a summer party. Or, get one for your own little fashionista and borrow as needed :).




Fashionista Friday - jeans and shoes with bling

Dress-up shoes and jeans? Why not? I'm pretty sure Jimmy Choo designed this shoe to be worn with a great pair of skinny jeans and a slouch shirt. Don't you?

This week Em's Fashionista outfit consists of her favorite red tunic sweater, a turquoise blouse, well-worn jeans, a knit purse from Guatemala and of course, dress-up shoes with lots of bling.


Why it works:

Red & turquoise color pops but faded, worn jeans bring it down a notch. And the shoes? Well, they just bring it all together. Mama's proud.


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