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Fashionista Friday - style every day of the year with this calendar

Last year my sister-in-law got me the most fabulous calendar filled with handbags (see the 2009 calendar here) ...and y'all know how much I like handbags (see why here).

This year, she gave me 365 days of shoes...SHOES!

Shoes for every day of the year

Ahhhhhh, now if I could just figure out a way to wear them!

What I love about these calendars is that you can read about  each shoe so you know what year it was made and the designer, if known. It's funny to see how fashionable many shoes from the 20's, 30's, and even 1800s would still be if worn today!

Style that lasts: shoes from the 1920's right next to shoes from 2008

Want to buy your own shoes or handbag calendar?

Tell me, which one will you get this year?



Fashionista Friday - a great way to start the new year

Fashionista Friday off to a good start

I already have content for the next three Fashion Fridays and it's only January 1!

Today though I'm going to focus on Em. It's New Year's day and while the rest of the family lounges in PJs, Em is dressed for a second round of parties...

my little fashionista

Outfit Details

belted tunic, brown leggings, bronze leather handbag (Grandma's hand-me-down), dress-up shoes and sunglasses

Yes - the pose is all hers.

Why it works

The length of the tunic lends itself well to leggings. The bronze, well-worn handbag offers a bit of casualness to the dressier shoes (not shown) and sparkly belt buckle.

Her inspiration

The other day we went to the library and Em chose these books to bring home.

books on fashion from the library

One of these I had to sign out from the adult section because the children's section only had about 4 books on fashion. When someone asked her if she is going to be a fashion designer she said, "No, I'd rather wear the clothes than make them."

That's my girl.