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Holy Mother of all that is creamy and delicious

Did you know there are two AMAZING food delivery businesses in the DC area?

And I'm not talking groceries (but I did talk grocery delivery in this post and that is pretty effing fabulous).

I'm talking about SOUP and DESSERT ordered online and delivered to your door


Last week at the Momzshare event I was able to sample (and by sample I mean eat 4 servings and nearly stuff myself) two delicious soups from The Soupergirl and a selection of desserts from Treet.

image placeholder - yes, pretend there is an image here of this most amazing lentil soup (mmmm)


vegan brownies from Treet

More Treets and The Soupergirl table in the back

The Soupergirl uses fresh, local produce to create artistic vegan soups and delivers them in compostable containers making her green and healthy! Here's how it works:

1. get an email Monday morning with the souper menu

2. place your order by Thursday evening

3. receive your soup the following week


Treet buys their ingredients from local, organic the butter is from grass-fed cows, and the eggs are from free-range chickens. But Treet also has vegan menu items and gluten-free choices too! The taste? Incredible. I'm assuming gluten-free means fat and sugar free, right? (lalalalala I'm not listening if you are telling me something different).

Here's a link to the Treet menu so you can start shopping.

And here's a fun photo taken of me, Melanie and Amy doing a human version of the Momzshare logo (just because):


Be sure to order extra for me!

all images via the Momzshare pool on Flickr



Back to school wisdom comes from the bottom of a mimosa

It's a tradition in my neighborhood to have a mimosa brunch the first day of school. For many this is just what they need after the somewhat anticlimactic drop off or bus pick-up when they are left saying, "Now what?". We have the answer, and it's in a little plastic cup with orange juice and champagne.

Pitchers of Mimosas

This is a casual event where if you have something, bring it, if you don't, don't worry about it. I offered to host with the disclaimer that if I do, I have the right to blog about it.

We ate:

Muffins, bagels, brownies, oh my!

I showed off my Frigidaire affinity washer and dryer from Mom Central:

Laundry in half the time making more Me Time!

Click here for more on my experience being a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom.

And we oven-tested these really cool biodegradable, compostable plates from Verterra:

Use instead of paper plates and toss them in the compost bin!Click here for my complete review of Verterra plates and how they fared in the oven and microwave!

But more than that, I learned why this back-to-school brunch has and will remain a tradition for my neighborhood.

It's a place to get a hug when you've teared up watching your 'baby' enter the big world of kindergarten. It's a party to celebrate surviving 3 months of the kids home with us for summer. And it's a chance to pick up snippets of wisdom in between sips.

Some words of wisdom I overheard are,

"The sassy teenage years are there because it's God's way of preparing us for when they leave. By then, we're happy to see them go!"


"Sometimes kids thrive in a room with a teacher who has a much different approach to things than the parents."

Thank you to everyone who came, and help keep the tradition going. For the full-time working parents we'll have to pull together something too.

What back-to-school traditions do you and your friends or neighbors have?



Subway Fresh Fit - Twofer Thumbs Up for Great Taste and Healthy Options

I became a fan of Subway years ago when I realized how much better I felt eating a Subway sub on our long road trips instead of our usual fast food. The other fast food filled with empty calories left me feeling thirsty, icky, and hungry again after an hour.

But Subway has all the option I love, wheat bread, low-fat meats, tons of veggies, and they make it to my specifications...light mayo, extra cucumbers, etc.

Now Subway has Fresh Fit for Kids giving them ONLY healthy optons

The Fresh Fit for Kids are 3-inch sandwiches with one whole serving of veggies. Sliced apples are the only side offered and equal one serving of fruit. Soda is not an option, only low-fat milk, water or juice. These meals make it easy for moms and dads to show their kids a better way to eat. For me, I belive that if you offer kids healthy options, they will make healthy choices.

Subway was healthy before it was 'Cool'.

Recently I was invited to a Subway Fresh Fit Friday gathering with a few other local mom bloggers where we sampled Subway sandwiches filled with low-fat meats and tons of veggies. I also learned that the Subway menu hasn't changed much since it began in 1965. The Subway concept has always rejected conveyor belts and fryers, but it HAS included an oven to bake fresh bread, and a counter full of fresh veggies for sandwiches that are made in front of you, and made to order.

Obviously, the founders of Subway knew that if they gave people healthy options, people would make healthy choices...and love it.

Craving a turkey sub,


Lunch for Fresh Fit Friday

provided by Subway

More posts on Subway:

Interview with Laila Ali at Subway/NIH We CAN!

Interview with Jared Fogle of Subway


Haagen-Dazs Five ice cream is cool. Dry ice is too!

It's no secret that some of the perks of being a blogger is getting free product. But sometimes you get a little something extra too.

Last week I received 4 containers of the new Haagen-Dazs Five ice cream from Mom Central to taste and then review. But this freebie came with an BIG extra bonus...a cooler FULL of dry ice!

Ice cream on dry ice is COOL!

The 'coolness' quotient is then doubled by the fact that the package came with a warning.

How exciting...I had to use special gear for this one.

And then the dry ice experiment.

I looked up a few experiments online but only one I was brave enough to try was this:
1. Use safety gear (do NOT touch dry-ice or it will burn you) and put materials in your kitchen sink.

2. Take a piece of dry ice and place it into a cup of it smoke.

3.Then add dish soap and was like a volcano of bubbles!

No pictures as I was busy making sure no one knocked over the ice and caused major damage to themselves. But it was fun, and made me feel like I was back in that chemistry lab in high school fiddling with all kinds of things that could explode. Cool.

For the full review head on over to Twofer Thumbs Up (including video of the Twofer tasting exotic flavors like passion fruit and ginger!) AND for a chance to win 3 FREE containers of HDFive ice cream for yourself!



My Trip to Lotte Korean Market - leave the neuroses at home

Indulge me if you will....
Here is the other title I considered for this post:
"Local Korean Market has a 'Lotte' Seoul"

L and I were running errands the other day near the local Korean chain of grocery stores called Lotte. I have never been in one but heard great things about Asian markets specifically that their produce is much cheaper and they have the freshest fish around at great prices.

I'm trying to get more one-on-one time with the girls and L is always one for an adventure so we popped in...and immediately started taking pictures like the tourists we are. The fact that all the signs are in Korean first, then English, kinda gives you and idea.

Tourist photo

First we strolled through the fresh fruits and vegetables many of which I have no idea existed...or even how to cut, cook and eat. Take, for example, the durian or King Fruit.
Durian "King Fruit" photo credit: Wikipedia

Next we ventured to the prepared meals area where we found a whole batch of sushi (yes, grabbed some to-go of
course), marinating ribs, a variety of seasoned tofu and veggies, a pre-packaged baby squid

Mmm, baby squid

and of course the Asian equivalent of the rotisserie chicken section....roast duck hanging by the crook of it's neck.

L with poultry. Duck on the right.

Finally, we ended our quick trip at the fish department. "Mommy! Look! Those fish have their eyes! Are they still alive?" I hear you just have to ask and the fishmonger will skin and fillet any fish you want to buy. The market was busy that day so I stuck with the pre-cleaned and cut packages of sole and salmon, but not before eyeing the open containers of self-serve shark steaks. Just pick up the tongs, grab a bag, and load up!

Jaws anyone?

I have to say my neurotic self was itching to grab the hand sanitizer and slather it on both of our hands. But I pushed those thoughts back and adopted the 'When in Rome' attitude. Sometimes the best way to know the fish is fresh is to touch it, smell it, hold it - we do it for fruit, why not for fish?

I also have to also note - I haven't been to other Asian markets but this store was Pristine with a capital P...not easy for any grocery store.

My basket quickly started to fill and we had only been down the far right side of the store! I'm definitely heading back there this weekend for produce and just to see what else there is. On the way to check out they had samples of a new grape juice that L seemed to really like. It was tart, almost unsweetened, but tasty all the same.

The BEST part? I got a basket full of fruit, veggies, sauce and fish for under $30.
What should I look for next time?
If anyone has experience shopping at Asian markets I would LOVE some tips on foods to try.

Considering kimchi,