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Hot Cocoa is Winter's Fifth Food Group


hot chocolate,winter,mugs,cocoa

It is only December 15th and already we've had a week of really cold weather. So cold, and for so long already, that we've just HAD to have hot cocoa every single day. It's become a regular part of our winter diet.

The Twofer love it after the cold walk home from school. I'm loving it as an alternative to my 3:00 cup of coffee. It's sweet, it's creamy, and it has caffeine. Win-win-win


Fit Family Carnival Link Up - Share Ideas for Keeping the Family Fit

Welcome to the first Fit Family Carnival! My friend Linda and I are trying to get our families on the right track to be fit and healthy. We need your help! We'd love to have you link a post you have up this week that relates to fitness, health, healthy cooking, or even just small tip for keeping your family fit. You can even link your twitter or facebook post too (be sure to use #FitFamily in your tweet)!  We will be showcasing the best on our blogs each week (the following week). And check out Linda's blog for more tips. We'll be looking to do this every Thursday so subscribe to my RSS feed and come back for more tips!

Fit Family Tip for Halloween

With Halloween just days away I'm already trying NOT to snack on the candy we are giving away. We have a large neighborhood and often come close to running out of candy and so I always buy and buy. This year, I've invested in a few of these:

These Halloween Pretzel Packs from Utz are the greatest thing to have on hand.

First, they are a good option for little kids, kids with dental work that can't eat sticky candy, or kids who can't have chocolate because of an allergy to dairy.

Second, I'll keep a stash on hand for when all the candy is gone. That way, if we have anything left over, it's pretzels - a much healthier option than candy!

Fit Family Question

What little tip do you have to keep your family's fitness in check? Or, do you just let it go and enjoy the holiday?


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links

Link up your Fit Family posts!


We're helping to save the bears! The honey bears that is. is a great resource for all things honey.

The bees from Bee Movie would be proud I think. has all kinds of information about honey including different types of honey, honey recipes and the benefits of honey.

I use honey regularly in my tea and to make homemade granola bars, but when I thought about it, I couldn't remember the last time I bought one of those cute little honey bears!

So, I grabbed two of the t-shirts they were offering:

honey,twins honey bears


And decided to let you all know about The National Honey Board and their effor to save the endangered honey bear!

Tell me how you use honey in your kitchen...



We cut it close on the first day of school but at least we eat well

Here's what I did this morning all before 8:00 am:

1. made chocolate chip pancakes

2. made bacon

3. made an egg casserole (for the annual neighborhood brunch)

4. Packed lunches including snack

With all the cooking I barely had time to take the traditional snuggle-up-to-your-sister-and-smile-even-though-I-just-yelled-at-you-for-changing-your-shoes-for-the-third-time photo:



But, they do look so cute don't they? Not matching but definitely twins at their best. And, they were excited.

So excited I could hardly get them to slow down enough for me to take this photo of the walk.


Phew! We didn't miss the line-up outside and we even found a few of our friends in class.

I can't wait to hear how it all went. And the goal for tomorrow? Less cooking, more snuggling.

How was your first day of school?


For more on back-to-school see

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Making S'mores, Making Memories


We have a fire pit that I fell in love with for several reasons:

1. I LOVE to make s'mores. Fire to me (whether in the fireplace or camping) means s'mores. I ALWAYS have  I prefer Hershey's Special Dark but The Twofer go for the classic


on hand and if you think I'm saying that just for this post....feel free to check with The Mister.

2. Sitting around a fire pit on a Friday night means we actually TALK to each other. We tell scary stories, we look for shooting stars, we catch up. And before we know it it's bedtime we have spent quality time with each other and without TV or computers.

3. Fire means gathering. We kicked off the summer with a S'mores party and invited some neighbors over to join us. Everyone brought their drink of choice and a sweatshirt (oh what I wouldn't give for a chilly night!) and we supplied all the s'mores fixings...including wet paper towels for littles sticky fingers.

The girls are already planning the next one!

They still talk about running around the backyard with their friends and their flashlights, chocolate smeared over their faces and goopy marshmallows dripping off their fingers. It's a memory they will cherish.

Just as I cherish the memories we make around that fire pit.

What's your s'mores memory? Head on over to THIS POST and leave a comment for a chance to win some Hershey's swag!


Disclosure: As part of the S'mores Road Trip to BlogHer I received a round trip ticket on Amtrak to the convention and Hershey branded items. Any views expressed in this post are my own. This post was neigher reviewed nor approved by Hershey prior to posting.