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Fashionista Friday - raincoats can make you wish for rain

Thankfully the weather has started to turn away from snow and toward rain. Personally, I love rainy days. I am often more productive being stuck inside without that silly sun to distract me and...I get to wear a snazzy trench when I head out.

Everyone needs a raincoat that puts a smile on your face. If for no other reason than to get you through the next rainy day.

Here are a few I found that would do the trick:

Lands End SunShowerTM Swing Raincoat

Bright and cheerful swing raincoat from Lands End

The shape and especially the back of this coat is what gives it that little something. Definitely go for a bright color like this one shown in 'chili pepper'. You'll be the envy of the pick-up line at school.


The Ava car coat from Merrell

The Ava car coat from Merrell is a perfect raincoat for those colder days

I have a bright aqua Merrel car coat that gets me lots of compliments. The length keeps my legs from getting splashed with rain or wind and the piping detail on the Ava create a nice form. I'd go for this coat in the white which is great for spring but can even brighten up a cold winter day.


Miss Sixty Women's Missy Trench W/ Roll Sleeve

Trench coat available at

Cute, sassy, and practical is the way I describe this trench coat. Throw it over a pair of leggings with some tall boots and you've got a great little Sunday shopping outfit.

Now I'm off to discover my options for rainboots, clogs, and other great wet weather foot coverings!


Disclosure: Links to are affiliate links


Fashionista Friday - taking a queue from Wonder Woman

What is the most memorable part of Wonder Woman? (keep it clean folks please)

Is is that red bustier?

The blue 'shorts' with white stars?

The red boots?

No. None of these.

It is Wonder Woman's cuffs that has made the greatest fashion statement.

I love cuffs.

They look cool. They make my arms look strong. They make a statement.

Here are some of my own cuffs.

leather flower cuff $5, red plastic molded cuff $5, silver cuff from my Grandma


And here are some I would love to have

the Harley cuff by Studio Jewel $80

 Stainless Steel Brushed Cuff Bracelet


Copper and Silver Ribbed Adjustable Azteca Cuff Bracelet

Let me know your thoughts on the cuffs, WW, or anything else you want to this Friday!



Fashionista Friday - Spring jackets and what's with those headbands?

I have a nice collection of jackets that are perfect in the Fall for when a sweater is too heavy, and in the Spring when the wind can add a chill to a sunny day.

Em threw on a cute white jacket this morning and it got me thinking of how great a light weight jacket is. It can be work under a heavier coat or rain coat, but it adds depth and layering to any outfit. Here Em wears it with pink yoga pants and one of those headbands (more on that below).

White spring jacket with ruffle detail

And here are a few others I've found that I think would be great additions to any young girls outfit. Toss them over a t-shirt or tank top in the summer air conditioning. Throw it into their back pack on a windy day for added warmth. Or dress-down a sundress.

Girls Denim by The Children's Place

Gap Safari jacket for Girls

But someone tell me...what is with those headbands?

You know...the ones with the long ribbons at the end.

Are you supposed to tie it up in the back? Under your chin?

Are the ribbons supposed to make girls with short hair feel like they have long hair?

Why not just use a genuine SCARF which is what started the look in the first place?


Fashionista Friday - twin girls can make glamour ugly

In this weekly series I explore all things fashion...especially as they relate to 6 year old girls. I also explore things for me like this fab calendar and this fashion "Bible" of sorts, but for this post I'm back on the kids.

Because this morning they made fashion ugly. And not in their choice of clothing.

Image of CSF Wrestlers by Podknox on Flickr

It was their attitude.

With each other.

You see we are a humble family and we save money wherever we can. That includes accepting any and all hand-me-downs. The problem comes when we get a new shipment of hand-me-downs and the girls start tearing through them and declare "MINE!" all over the stuff.

Today I heard a LOT of this..

"Moooooooomy! El's wearing MY SWEATER! Why can't she wear HER OWN sweater??"

and then a few,

"That's MINE! You have THAT one!"

For some reason they don't understand that NONE of it is theirs. It all belongs to whomever gave it to us or the the person we are passing it onto.

What's more, many items fit Em first because she is a size taller and then they get passed onto El. Oh don't worry, they each get new stuff (Thank GOD for Grandmas) but the sad truth is that El usually gets stuff after Em. So what sucks for her is good for me because who knew I'd be able to hand-me-down with twins??

But it definitely makes for an ugly scene. One that rivals any America's Next Top Model show.

Minus the swearing.

But there is a lot of eye-rolling, grabbing, snickering, hair tossing, tears, and all-around drama.

All before 8:30 am too.

U - G - L - Y

You ain't got no alibi

You ugly!

You ugly!

Points to whomever can name that movie first.



Fashionista Friday - a Fashion Show for a Great Cause

This Saturday is the 5th Annual Childhelp Fashion Show and Luncheon in Tyson's Corner, Virginia.

I was invited to attend but will be out of town this weekend so I'm counting on one of you to go, take photos, and tell me all about this event that will raise money for victims of child abuse and neglect.

Not only do you get to see the latest fashions for kids, teens and ladies, but you can also enjoy a silent auction, raffle and shopping boutique knowing that the money raised will go to help kids who have silently suffered. As the Childhelp website says, "Be part of a happier story."

Here are the details:

When: Saturday Feb. 20, 2010

Where: Sheraton Premier at Tyson's Corner (8661 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182)

Time: 10:00 am

Cost $75 per person

For more information visit the Fashion Show website.

Then let me know if you went so I can personally thank you here on my blog.