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Fashionista Friday - celebrating Spring with mixed patterns

Just a quick one because the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and it's supposed to be really warm today. Both girls mixed patterns and while sometimes they are waaaaay off, today was more subtle and worked.

This is the first day I've let Em wear shorts to school and for some reason this made her very happy:


She paired them with a polka-dot spaghetti tank, lightweight hoodie with ice-cream cones, and pink sparkled flats.


Ellie went for a camo skirt and short-sleeved polka-dot shirt, and we topped it all off with that fabulous white (who says it's too early to wear white?) spring jacket:


El insisted on the zebra flats. I still give it a two-thumbs-up.



Fashion Friday: (on Monday) Wearing Wristlets

So I completely spaced Fashion Friday last week and of all people to remind mother.

She even reminded me of a topic for the week: Wristlets

You see we took Em shopping with us...the usual grocery store, Bed Bath & Beyond, and then Mom wanted to run into DSW to look for some shoes. She had told the girls she'd get them each a "little something" while we were out. Even for El who chose to stay home.

"A Little Something" is very subjective.

It means something completely different to a grandma, a mom, and an almost 7-year old that is way to conscious of what (and soon whom) she is wearing.

At DSW Em found about 1,000 pairs of shoes to try on and thankfully they don't have kids shoes there.

She also screamed a little when she saw the handbag area. (I am NOT exaggerating)

That is where she found her "Little Something"

Fashion Friday

A pink wristlet for her to carry all her important, chapstick, her fake credit card, a mirror, and a notepad.

For El we chose a few small things that we thought she would like. But when she saw the wristlet she had to have one too. So, we went to Target where she fell in love with...

Fashion Friday

As an animal lover, it's no surprise she went wtih Zebra stripes.

But wristlets aren't just for little girls. Here are a few that are perfect for spring and summer:


Emilie Sloan Payton Wristlet $21.00



Bungalow360 Mini Canvas Clutch $20.00


Keep a wristlet as a wallet in your larger bag. Grab it when you head to the Farmer's Market or the park. Invest in one with a little bling for a summer party. Or, get one for your own little fashionista and borrow as needed :).




Late, as usual but I Love me some Ultimate Blog Party!

I'm a fan of Janice and Susan for many reasons not the least of which is that I have twins myself, and I hope to pick their brains for help as mine are on the edge of tweendom.

But that's another blog post.

This here's all about meeting some new folks so if you're here for...


If you're no, go away.

Kidding! Read on and you might learn something new about me.

Here are 3 things abou moi:

1. My name is Janine and I sign my posts that way but most people know me as Twincident which is my twitter name.

2. I have twin girls, The Twofer, who will be 7 in May

My Twins with the Disney twins, Chip and Dale

3. I many neuroses including those relating to public toilets, dealing with girl drama, and accpeting the fact that my kids with either be in a 12-step program or therapy when they get older.

And here are 3 things you might want to check out on my blog:

1. Fashionista Fridays - this is about all things fashionable to a little girl, and sometime for grown-up girls (like me). I sometimes forget to do a link but if you ever write about fashion on Fridays let me know if a comment and I'll add a linky next week and ping you to link up!

2. I often do Reviews and Giveaways because I have always been mouthy when it comes to telling my friends about products I like and, well, it brings me traffic. Look, I'm not the most fabulous writer, I know that, but this blog really started as an easier way to share the latest "twincident" with my friends and family instead of the mile-long email method I had been using. Also, I have several other jobs like Buzz Cooperative (which you should check out if you are a blogger).

3. I am participating in the Lose the Laptop campaign and am totally willing to BUY VOTES! OK, I'm not sure how I would do that but if you vote for me (you have to register but I hear it's easy peasy), let me know here in a comment and I will at least come by your blog and comment and thank you and follow you on twitter and be your best friend and invite you to my birthday party...

That's it. Nice to meet you! Of course, you didn't get a word in edge-wise but I'm going to shut up now and go do some blog hopping.



Fashionista Friday - I went in for flip flops, I came out with these


That spells...Mommy.

The sudden heat spell took us by surprise and of course the first thing the Twofer want is to slip on their flip flops. Unfortunately they didn't have any fit flops that FIT from last year.

So, I decided to take them to K-Mart for a cheap pair of flops, and maybe stop for some ice cream. I forgot that Payless Shoes was right next to K-Mart.

We went in for these:


New flip flops for summer

But came out with these:


black patent sling backs with a wedge heel 

Totally practical for summer, right? Black, patent leather, wedge...Em simply would not take these "high heels" off her feet. {sigh}

So I caved.

And they squeeled.

And they have worn them every day, except to go to school.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Oh - did I mention I also bought 4 tubs of ice cream? It was a day to splurge.



Fashionista Friday - headbands

The other day I took The Twofer to Eastern Market in Washington, DC and we came across this fabulous selection of stretchy headbands. 

What made them so unique were the fabrics. Some were preppy with dots, whales, or stripes. Others had a Pucci-style groove going on. They were all really cute and comfortable.


Animal prints are perfect for a little accent piece like a headband.

The vendor we purchased them from doesn't have a website. So let me know if you see something similar and where you see it!