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Fashion Friday - Slippers You Might Never Take Off Your Feet

When you think of slippers you don't always think fashion.

Sure, the days I work from home you can find me in sweats and slippers. It's what is most comfortable and, more importantly, warm. They say when your feet are warm, you are warm. I say the same goes for feet that are fashionable. When your shoes look good, you look good...even in sweatpants.

So, for those that say slippers can't be fashionable, I found a few pairs that just might challenge that notion.

Patricia Green Sunday slipper

Simple, elegant, and filled with cozy wool fleece


ACORN Marlow Moc

Red, boiled wool oozes warmth. Plus, how cute would these look with skinny jeans and that Fresh Produce cardigan I'm giving away?


Cole Hann Katelyn Slipper

These are great in plain black or brown but I fell in love with them in the leopard print.


Stubbs and Wootton

Preppy? Try the Tassel Grey

Or a little Rock and Roll...

Take your pick, but with these slippers you can't go wrong.

Just remember to take them off before you head out to pick up your kids from school!


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links


Fashion Friday - Fashion Games for the Fashionista in your Family

You know what they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Instead of rolling my eyes at Em's love of fashion, I've decided to embrace it. I've discovered all kinds of great toys that will help bring out the creativity, but also offer discussion about the clothes WE think look good on little girls. Together we'll navigate the shelves and hangers in the clothing store, and fashion games are a great way to start.

Klutz My Style Studio

Trace designs onto your model and color them in so you can choose the colors, styles, and more.


Imagine Fashion Designer for the Nintendo DS

 The Twofer each got a DS for their birthday and I have a new appreciation for the DS games. In this one, you can design an entire line of clothing and style your model's hair, makeup and accessories. O.M.G.!


Magnetic Fashions Update the Old School Paper Doll

Sugar and Spice comes with two dolls, 9 play scenes, and tons of magnetic clothing for hours of fashion fun. This set would be great for travel!


Have you found some fun ways to embrace your child's interests?


Disclosure: affiliate links may generate commission if a purchase is made through the link.


Fashionista Friday - Ready for the Pool with JAG, Ray-Bans and Fit Flops

That's a complete lie. I'm not at all ready to be in a bathing suit. But I'll do it for the kids.

So what am I going to wear?

Suit and tie

It just so happens that last year I bought a really fabulous (and expensive) Jag swim suit at the beach and of course I see it THIS year at Costco for half the price. BUT... they also had this Wrap Skirt by Jag suit at half price so I bought it! It's cover up my 'trouble' spots (or at least the ones causing the most trouble) with a built-in skirt that ties on the side:

JAG swim suit with built-in wrap skirt that ties on the side



It's about time I treated myself to some grown-up glasses. And by that I mean shades that cost more than $10 and that I purchase annually at a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike.

I'm loving the Ray-Ban Bubble Wrap Aviator Sunglasses kinda like these:

Ray Ban image via d3b...* on Flickr


Fit Flops

I bought these last year and I don't think they ever left my feet. FitFlops are the most comfortable thongs I've ever had. They were perfect for strolling all day at Disney, and they work your tushy too! Each year the first day or so I wear them I notice my legs are a little sore and I forget why (obviously it's NOT because I'm working out).

I think I need a new pair and I'm eyeing up these silver FitFlops :

What are you wearing to the pool?


Fashionista Friday - pink, brown, black and purple times two

Sometime they still dress alike, even when they don't plan to:


Walking home today I realized just how color coordinated they were.

Pink + Brown + Black + Purple

Not your average mix of colors and yet, I think it works.

And I'm starting to want my own pair of Twinkle Toes Skechers.



Fashionista Friday - handbags make the perfect Mother's Day gift

You simply can't go wrong with a handbag for your mom. Here's why:

1. You don't have to sweat it out trying to figure out her size or take the chance you'll insult her but suggesting she wears a size larger (or smaller).

2. You can go a little crazy and take a chance one a bright color, funky fabric, etc because it's an accessory and not something that can't be substituted.

3. You can always find something affordable that doesn't look affordable if you know what I mean. This will get your more mom brownie points for half the price.

Here are a few I'm eyeing up and yes they are all affiliate links to go and shop and maybe just maybe I can get one of these for know, since I work so hard at keeping you enteretained and all.

The Beach Tote

The white bag I've never had


The "OMG everyone but me has a mustard yellow handbag" option

And, The Clutch

(and what a clutch this is!)

Which one do you want?

Oh yes, and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms...including my own, who will not be getting a handbag for Mother's Day but rather a lovely Hallmark card that might have a photo of a handbag.