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Fashion Friday: Never Enough Shoes for Twin Girls

Girls Like SHOES

Just one reason my house is a mess.

There are shoes by the front door, by the back door, in the kitchen, in the family room, in the bathroom and in the mudroom.

The mudroom is where I want the shoes to live. I like them to live on this bench:

shoe bench


The problem is that this bench can't possibly hold all the shoes. The left 2 sections of the bench are for El and Em and you can see it is overflowing.

Because this is how many shoes they actually have:

shoes for twin girls


And notice this does not include winter boots, rain boots, riding boots and the 8 pairs of flipflops!

Where do we keep all of their shoes when we clean up the front door, the back door, the kitchen, the family room , and the mudroom?

In those nifty drawers that came with my Frigidaire affinity washer and dryer set!

pedestal drawers of Frigidaire washer and dryer hold shoes too

Because who needs to store laundry detergent when we only do laundry once a week because the twins have so many clothes? But that's another post.



Fashion Friday - Don't play with mommy's Choos

The twins love to play dress up in my closet. They love the handbags, the scarves, and Em especially loves my shoes. Here's what the floor of my closet looks like after she is done:



But there is one pair of shoes that are off limits and apparently even The Mister knows this.

Me, whining... "Ohhhhh - Emmmmm! Can you please put my shoes back when you are done with them!"

Em, "I'm sorry mommy!"

Me, "Oh nooo - not my Jimmy Choos."

To my shock and surprize I hear from The Mister,

"Jimmy Choo?!?! You have Jimmy Choo shoes?? Em you are not allowed to play with those shoes!"

Me after picking my jaw up off the floor, "YOU know Jimmy Choo?"

The Mister, "Everyone knows Jimmy Choo! When did you get those??"

Jimmy Choo shoes

The Mister - football loving, fashion hater who broke into a sweat when I brought home an orange shirt (he's never branched out beyond navy, white, green and grey). This man knows Jimmy Choo?

Everyone. Knows. Jimmy Choo.

But not everyone can wear my Choos.



Fashion Friday: Animal Print Backpacks and Converse "Chucks" for back-to-school

You want to know THE SHOE all the kids have to have this season?

You've probably seen them around in every store, including Target.

If you shop online you'll notice things in red saying "Only 4 left".

May I present the ever-classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers :



I am not sure when The Twofer became aware of them. Last Spring you'll remember they fell in love with the purple Sketchers Twinkle Toes. Somehow (inner fashion sense?) they knew these would be the thing to have.

They are classic.

They Come in a variety of colors (seriously,check out this rainbow of Converse Chucks )

They are the perfect back-to-school shoe.

A Little on the WILD side

Of course what goes better with a classic shoe than a non-traditional backpack?



Bold prints are in for backpacks this year and my kids were tuned in to this fashion trend before I even had a chance to crack open the cover of this season's The New York Times: Fashion of The Times.

Again, a quick search online and many animal print backpacks are in limited supply so order one today if your daughter is pining for one!

What fun things did your kids ask for this year while shopping for school?


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links.


Fashion Friday - Lilly Pulitzer Brings me Back to Martha's Vinyard

For a few years when I was growing up my family would take a week in August and head to the Harbor View Hotel on Martha's Vinyard.

My top 3 favorite things about Martha's Vinyard vacation as a kid were:

Eating burgers by the pool

Walking into town for ice cream (at Mad Martha's I think?) along the street was lined with beautiful cottages and white picket fences

The clothing store in town (Edgartown) that had whale skirts and tons if Izod clothing

I was a prep through and through and I could not get enough pink and green.

Fast-forward to today and I can still rock the preppy. I still get a little giddy when I see Izod and {gasp} did you know Docksiders are making a comeback?? Some seriously cute styles. It's enough to make me run out and get a seer-sucker suit and white bucks.

But for now, I'll embrace my little girls in their Lilly Pulitzer dresses while they will still agree to wear them:


The simple little shift is bright, tropical colors are fun, comfortable, and oh so preppy.

Here's another adorable called the Lilly Loopy Scallop Shift Dress

Thinking I need a little more pink and green these days.



Fashionista Friday - handbags make the perfect Mother's Day gift

You simply can't go wrong with a handbag for your mom. Here's why:

1. You don't have to sweat it out trying to figure out her size or take the chance you'll insult her but suggesting she wears a size larger (or smaller).

2. You can go a little crazy and take a chance one a bright color, funky fabric, etc because it's an accessory and not something that can't be substituted.

3. You can always find something affordable that doesn't look affordable if you know what I mean. This will get your more mom brownie points for half the price.

Here are a few I'm eyeing up and yes they are all affiliate links to go and shop and maybe just maybe I can get one of these for know, since I work so hard at keeping you enteretained and all.

The Beach Tote

The white bag I've never had


The "OMG everyone but me has a mustard yellow handbag" option

And, The Clutch

(and what a clutch this is!)

Which one do you want?

Oh yes, and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms...including my own, who will not be getting a handbag for Mother's Day but rather a lovely Hallmark card that might have a photo of a handbag.