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Fashionista Friday - celebrating Spring with mixed patterns

Just a quick one because the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and it's supposed to be really warm today. Both girls mixed patterns and while sometimes they are waaaaay off, today was more subtle and worked.

This is the first day I've let Em wear shorts to school and for some reason this made her very happy:


She paired them with a polka-dot spaghetti tank, lightweight hoodie with ice-cream cones, and pink sparkled flats.


Ellie went for a camo skirt and short-sleeved polka-dot shirt, and we topped it all off with that fabulous white (who says it's too early to wear white?) spring jacket:


El insisted on the zebra flats. I still give it a two-thumbs-up.



Fashion Friday: (on Monday) Wearing Wristlets

So I completely spaced Fashion Friday last week and of all people to remind mother.

She even reminded me of a topic for the week: Wristlets

You see we took Em shopping with us...the usual grocery store, Bed Bath & Beyond, and then Mom wanted to run into DSW to look for some shoes. She had told the girls she'd get them each a "little something" while we were out. Even for El who chose to stay home.

"A Little Something" is very subjective.

It means something completely different to a grandma, a mom, and an almost 7-year old that is way to conscious of what (and soon whom) she is wearing.

At DSW Em found about 1,000 pairs of shoes to try on and thankfully they don't have kids shoes there.

She also screamed a little when she saw the handbag area. (I am NOT exaggerating)

That is where she found her "Little Something"

Fashion Friday

A pink wristlet for her to carry all her important, chapstick, her fake credit card, a mirror, and a notepad.

For El we chose a few small things that we thought she would like. But when she saw the wristlet she had to have one too. So, we went to Target where she fell in love with...

Fashion Friday

As an animal lover, it's no surprise she went wtih Zebra stripes.

But wristlets aren't just for little girls. Here are a few that are perfect for spring and summer:


Emilie Sloan Payton Wristlet $21.00



Bungalow360 Mini Canvas Clutch $20.00


Keep a wristlet as a wallet in your larger bag. Grab it when you head to the Farmer's Market or the park. Invest in one with a little bling for a summer party. Or, get one for your own little fashionista and borrow as needed :).




Fashionista Friday - Wedding Attire for Seven-Year Olds

The Twofer went to their first wedding ever last week.

The wedding itself was small and intimate. It was a Thursday evening with just close friends and family of the bride and groom. Our girls and their cousins from my husband's side, were the only kids in attendance.

But, for the Twofer....this was a VERY BIG TO-DO!

For months now they have been talking about what they will wear. I convinced they they did not have to rush out and buy a new dress (that they might not ever have the occasion to wear again) for this special as it is. Mommy isn't going to buy a new dress afterall.

I sorted through their closet and came up with black skirts we had purchased for a very fancy Breakfast with Santa at a friend's "club". We aren't "club" folk but I've been to enough to know a standard wool skirt and tights wasn't going to cut it for that crew. Black you say? For a Spring wedding?

Why yes!

We brightened it up with a pink tank top and a cream colored shrug sweater and bright colored headbands...and they were good to go.  Infact, here's a photo of all the kids and the lovely bride, Lori.

The best part...remember those shoes from last week?

They got to wear them!


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Fashion Friday - 80s style

Here is the outfit...

fashion friday


long Tinkerbell t-shirt, belted

black leggings and purple twinkle toes high-tops

The 80s is back people.

Last night I learned about 'jeggings ' at a CAbi show. Jeggings = jeans that look like leggings.

Anyway, the combination of El's heart leggings with a belted tunic top (or long t-shirt we just inherited from her older cousin) brought me right back to my childhood days. The pop of purple from the shoes gave it that extra edge. The only thing missing were the rubber Madonna bracelets I used to wear.

You too?

I know, those were so rock-star cool were they not? Check out this updated version of the Black Rubber Bracelet I found on Amazon. Makes me want to find that Madonna tape!



Fashionista Friday - Twinkle Toes are Not Just for Dancing

My Mom was in town visiting and a tradition she has started is taking the Twofer shoe shopping.

Whenever they need new sneakers, Grandma loves to go


better yet


This year El ran right up to the table with all the blingity bling on it. The table had a sign on it that said Twinkle Toes which makes you think of dance shoes, right?


This table was covered with sparkly sneakers.

And she had her heart set on a certain pair that are high-tops.

And a certain color.

Bad hair day...but fabulous shoes!

And her enthusiasm alone convinced her twin sister that she MUST have the same pair.

I argued they aren't practical for sneakers, it's the middle of winter, they will grow out of them before Spring when they can really wear them and enjoy them....

And Grandma said, "Oh let them get them! What do you care? I'm paying for them."

purple high top sneakers with bling

And all was good.


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