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Entries in fashion friday (30)


Fashion Friday - It's 90 degrees out but I bring a sweater with me

I'm one of those people who always have a sweater with me. It could be 100 degrees out, and last week it was, and I still have to toss a sweater into the car, or in my handbag, or tie one around my waste.

I hate being cold. I hate being hot more, but at least I can do something about being cold...I can put on a sweater!

Luckily I found the perfect summer sweater...

the Shrug!

Old Navy crochet shrug

I recently bought one from Old Navy to bring to the Blogher conference

because conference rooms mean air conditioning and air conditioning mean arctic blasts of COLD air to me.

Here are a few other shrugs I found on Amazon that I'm eyeing up:

I love the ruffles on this Brown Cotton Ruffled Shrug for a softer look.


Try a long sleeve shrug like this one from Spiegel to warm up that little black tank dress.


This Athleta Scrunch Shrug Sweater would be perfect with jeans and a t-shirt or over a casual summer dress.

Be honest - don't you bring a sweater along in the summer to stay warm in the air conditioning? Have you purchased a shrug sweater for summer?


Disclosure: some product links are affiliate links.



Fashion Friday - swim team survival

We are in the midst of our first swim team season.

We are also in the midst of a terrible heat wave.

Fashion during a swim meet in 100 degree weather is more about survival.

And survival depends on....


your accessories.


Here's how we roll at a swim meet in 100 degree weather:


survival accessories include: umbrella for shade, cup of ice water and battery powered fan



Fashionista Friday Jersey Shore Edition: The Family That Bumpits Together...

This week I've been enjoying a relaxing vacation at the Jersey Shore. Actually, I'm the next town over from where MTV's hit reality show of the same name was filmed!

So, in honor of Jersey, Snooki, and the whole Jersey Girl phenomenon, I had my family members model the fabulous fashion tool called,



Snooki is the queen of the Bumpit, or poof hairstyle:


We may have fair skin, short nails, and wavy hair, but we can work the Bumpit too. I've also taken it upon myself to give everyone an official Jersey Shore nickname!

The Twofer (E-Squared) and I (J-to-the-Nine) with Bumpits...that's how we roll at the Jersey Shore



Grandma (G-Money) Bumpits



Aunt Sue (Suzy-Q) and cousins (Junebug and DJ-AJ) rollin at the shore



Auntie D (Diggity) workin the Bumpit



Cousin Christine (Cookie) showing Bumpits work in short hair too



Em modeling just how high the Bumpit can get your hair



Do you Bumpit? Let's all Fist Bumpit! Then tell me your Jersey Shore name.

J-to-the-Nine (Janine)


Fashionista Friday - Getting Fancy in the Mornings

The other morning the girls had on their nightgowns and looked so sweet.

I decided to make yogurt smoothies with fresh fruit and then serve it in these margarita glasses they got at a friend's birthday party.

Too cute.

Sometime fashion is just about having fun.



Fashion Friday - Lilly Pulitzer Brings me Back to Martha's Vinyard

For a few years when I was growing up my family would take a week in August and head to the Harbor View Hotel on Martha's Vinyard.

My top 3 favorite things about Martha's Vinyard vacation as a kid were:

Eating burgers by the pool

Walking into town for ice cream (at Mad Martha's I think?) along the street was lined with beautiful cottages and white picket fences

The clothing store in town (Edgartown) that had whale skirts and tons if Izod clothing

I was a prep through and through and I could not get enough pink and green.

Fast-forward to today and I can still rock the preppy. I still get a little giddy when I see Izod and {gasp} did you know Docksiders are making a comeback?? Some seriously cute styles. It's enough to make me run out and get a seer-sucker suit and white bucks.

But for now, I'll embrace my little girls in their Lilly Pulitzer dresses while they will still agree to wear them:


The simple little shift is bright, tropical colors are fun, comfortable, and oh so preppy.

Here's another adorable called the Lilly Loopy Scallop Shift Dress

Thinking I need a little more pink and green these days.