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Fashion Friday - Headbands that look and feel good on your ears

It's late, 11:11 pm ET (make a wish!) but I can't let another Friday go without a Fashion post.

It's also been VERY cold around these parts. Infact my head is cold right now!

I wear a hood to walk the girls to and from school but it's too big on me and falls over my face.

I need ear warmers

Wait, I need a headband!

Here are a few I found on Amazon that are not only really cute, they are probably VERY warm.

How about a cute handknit headband?


Or a fleece band with a little bling?


Or, a very chic mink...

that one is braided!

What do you wear on your head when it's cold? A hat, a hood, or a band?


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links.


Fashion Friday - Tweeting with Liz Lange who made Maternity Wear Cool

Maternity Clothes

Just the word maternity used to make women cringe.

Those enormous Peter Pan collars.

The expanding waistline that is so counter to what our society deems 'sexy' and 'feminine'.

The Winnie-the-Pooh diaper bags that scream "MOMMY" almost as loud as a 3 year old

Enter Liz Lange

Liz Lange changed what we thought of when we hear maternity.

Now we think...

fitted and more flattering styles that show off our pregnant assets

 image via Liz Lange on Target

We think of diaper bags that generate a {gasp} of jealousy from other playgroup moms, and never an eyeroll at work.

 image via Liz Lange

And thanks to Liz Lange and Target, we can all think affordable and we don't have to sweat blowing the child's 529 on materinity wear!

But the best part about Liz Lange is that she is, admittedly, my new BFF on Twitter!


She is also very sweet.

Here are what a few others had to say when they found out our galpal Liz was on Twitter:

"Pardon me while I go all fangirl. @ I wore your clothes every day of my second pregnancy. Thank you for transforming maternity wear!" - @whymommy

"@whymommy @twincident So funny! I'm wearing a @lizlange maternity top AND jeans today. The jeans are better than Old Navy's maternity wear!" - @poobou

So, go forth and get pregnant and be fashionable my friends! And follow Liz Lange on Twitter for sure. And a special thanks to my friend Julia (@JSBagain) of Forty-Weeks for without her tweet about Liz being on Twitter, I would never have had this experience (or blog post).


Disclosure: I received nothing in exchage from this post other than the joy of engaging with a fashionable mom who changed maternity wear for-evah! I have no connection to Liz Lange or Target except respect. There aren't even any affiliate links in this post!


Fashion Friday - Khombu Snow Boots Look Good and Keep You Warm

I was thrilled to find a pair of really cute and warm winter Khombu boots for Em at Marshalls the other day.

They look like this

 snow,snowboots,girls boots,khombu

They look really cute with jeans or a skirt and leggings, AND they keep her warm running around with her snowpants! They are fashionable and functional.

I decided to find some fashionable and functional snow boots for women and since I had success with Khombu for Em, I figured I'd start there. WOW!

How about these?

Khombu suede lace ups are way cute and waterproof!

These Khombu Women's suede and fabric lace up boots ride high to keep your legs warm and are waterproof so you can trudge through any snowbank with style!


Or how about these?

Winter boots like this don't have to be bulky

Khombu Women's Denver Waterproof Boots have a sleek look and cute side-buckle that would look great with a skirt or jeans.


And then there is my personal fave...

These Khombu boots will make you yearn for snow!

Khombu Women's Solar 2 Waterproof Boot   I love the height, and the cozy lining spilling out over the edges too. These would look fabulous in the ski lodge, no?

Why are all the boots I chose tall? Khombu has lots of cute short boots but as a mom of kids who walk to school, I like to have the extra coverage of a taller boot. I also have a longer coat! But that's another Fashion Friday post.

Stay warm and please share your favorite and fashionable winter wear!


Disclosure - I have no affiliation with Khombu I was just really impressed with their line of boots. Some links are affiliate links.


Fashion Friday for A Fashionable Christmas Tree

To be terribly honest most of our ornaments, while very high in sentimental value, rank pretty low on the fashion scale.

Probably the most hideous is the spiked cone ornament my brother made in cubscouts. It has his little school photo on there take during that "awkward" stage when the front teeth are way bigger than the head can carry.

But I love this ornament. It reminds me of my brother as I remember him when Christmas was all about being a kid.

There is room for fashion on a tree filled with sentiment

A few years ago I decided to start investing in some better looking ornaments. I'm not getting rid of the sentimental ones, but there needed to be SOME more modern, more updates, more fashionable things hanging off of our tree!

Thank goodness for Bergdorf!

The other day I was tweeting with Berdgorf Goodman (I know - SQUEEE!) and realized they have some of the most beautiful ornaments!

fashionable ornaments at Bergdorf's


Love the Pashmina in this one...

You really must check them all out HERE.

Then tell me which ones you are going to buy!



Fashion Friday - Holiday Sweaters That Don't Make You Cringe

Holiday Sweaters

The first thing that comes to mind are the knit sweaters with little Santa and Reindeer appliques, right? Little bells sewn on that jingle when, um, your grandmother (because I KNOW it's not YOU wearing it) walks down the hall?

You no longer have to fight the urge to buy a holiday sweater!

I've found a few acceptable pieces that are both festive and fashionable. Wear them to school, work, or even that neighborhood holiday party. And instead of the sweater making noise, let the jingle come from the fabulous bling around your wrist!

Calvin Klein Fit and Flare V Neck Sweater


Perfect with a pair of skinny jeans and boots, this sweater will look even more festive with the perfect necklace (not the one that looks like plastic lightbulbs) and earrings.


Splendid Superfine Long Sleeve Cowl Neck Sweater

Purple is the perfect holiday color! It works for Christmas or Hanukkah, or New Years. It says, "I'm festive but I'm non-traditional. I'm unique."  Or maybe it just says "I don't want to wear an ugly holiday sweater and there is nothing you can do about it." You go girl.


FULL TILT Essential Cocoon Womens Cardigan

 Ahhh - the winter whites. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a white sweater that evokes thoughts of the first snow and cozying up to a warm fire?


Which holiday sweater are you?


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links