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Entries in fashion (19)


Fashion Friday - Fashion for a Cause

No one needs to justify bling to me, but knowing that something is also raising money for a good cause makes it all that much easier to say YES to!

Bulgari's Ring Desiged for Save the Children



Fashion Friday Tips for Buying Fake UGGs 

UGG-like boots from Circo

Let me first clarify that I'm not promoting people buy boots that say Ugg on them but are not really Ugg brand boots - that is illegal. By 'fake' I'm talking about suede boots in the style of Uggs but with a much lower price like the Circo® Danalynn Suede Boots pictured above. One might even call them FUGGs.

When it comes to little girls, they are aware of the style but not necessarily the brand. They are also not fully aware of the cost of their boots and so a mud puddle is just as fun to jump in whether your boots cost $80 or $20.

How do you choose the best FUGGs?

Here are my Tips for Buying UGG-like boots for your kids

1. Look for a sole where the rubber comes up around the edges - this will help preserve some of the suede arond the toes

2. Look at the seams to make sure they are in good shape

3. Feel the lining and the inside to make sure there aren't any strange bumps or bare spots

4. Check the seam from where the sole meets the boot. If you pull on it and it seems loose, it will only loosen more as they wear them and that will allow water and cold air to seep in.

5. Buy then early! These boots tend to disappear fast from Target and some other stores so August isn't too early!



Fashion Friday - Twin Fashion Designers Behind Sachika 

How perfect for me, a mom of twins, to highlight a pair of designers who are - TWINS!

The Sashika Twins are identical twins that have split roles and created an very unique collection of dresses and more.

SACHIKA more wishes,happiness and fortune from cyril mahe on Vimeo.


I love some of the elements they use. Here are a few things from their Fall 2010 Collection

Now I'm on the hunt for more twin designers. Move over Mary-Kate and Ashley!



Fashion Friday for Breast Cancer Awareness: Get Your Pink On!

Everyone knows the color that symbolizes Breast Cancer Awareness (the month-long celebration starts today by the way) is our family's favorite color...PINK!

There are so many ways to show support for the women who have battled breast cancer and wearing a pink ribbon or pink clothing is just one. I've found a few fashionable items that not only show your support, when you purchase them a donation is made either to the cause, or to underprivileged women so that they may get a free mammogram.

For the Rocker

Intricate Swirl Pink Ribbon design long sleeve t-shirt from The Pink Ribbon Store

For the Girly Girl

Flourish pink t-shirt from the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month line of products

Make a Statement: "World Needs a Cure"

"World Needs a Cure" premium t-shirt from Save the Ta-Tas store

What are you wearing this month to show your support?




Fashion Friday - More Fashion Toys for Girls

While visiting Grandma the girls are often allowed to pick out one toy from the toy store in town. I was surprised to see an entire section of toys devoted to little fashionistas. Of course Em dramatically gasped, and then proceeded to pull everything off the shelf. But not before I snapped a few photos of some fashion crafts that I think she'd love.

Fashion Design Portfolio

Little Fashionistas will love being able to sketch their own designs or use stencil designs and add accessories.



Creativity for Kids Special Occasion Fashion Kit

This fashion kit will need some supervision or works best for older kids. It comes with a mannequin, yards of fabric, and even trim.



Fashion Design Paper Doll Kit

Em settled on this fabulous book of fashion paper dolls. Easy for her test different styles, mix and match accessories, and then pack it up to take with us!



Have you found a really cool fashion toy? I'd love to hear about it!


For more fashion games for girls (DS games too!) see this post.

Disclosure: some links are affiliate links.