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My Hallmark Moment: When a 3 year old told me to worry about myself

Celebrate the Small Stuff

Today I had the pleasure of joining a team from Hallmark at Old Ebbitt Grill in DC for a little brunch, a LOT of coffee, a few tears, and a reminder that we should celebrate the small stuff.

After the team from Hallmark shared their 'Special Occasion' stories, it was our turn to share. We had nifty t-shirts to personalize as a reminder of our occasion:

Hallmark Special Occasion

I was the last to share and after hearing everyone else's story I was amazed at how much we really can appreciate the little moments in life...

if we only take the time to do so.

What me worry?

I shared that every since my twins were young I had to give up a lot of control when it comes to what they wore. At most I was able to suggest clothing that was appropriate for the weather that day, but even then I would lose the battle. And with so many battles, this was not one I was always willing to fight.

Once when the girls were 3, Ellie came downstairs wearing something that was not great for whatever the occasion was. I 'suggested' she find something warmer, colder, fancier, etc...I can't remember now.

She explained,

"Mommy, I worry about what I wear and you worry about what you wear."


How can you argue with that?

Hallmark has more than cards to help you celebrate everyday moments

I love Hallmark cards

After sharing our everyday, yet very memorable moments, I was able to look at a number of new Hallmark products that can help me make more memories from these little special occasions. They have awesome cards, and I was able to meet some of the writers and creative team, but they have so much more.

Record your voice reading the book so that when you can't be there, you can still read to them before bedtime!


Interactive books like the one pictured above are something new to Hallmark. One of the writers shared a book she wrote that interacts with a tree ornament. These are not only festive, they make great gifts for the kid who has just about everything!

What special everyday moment would you have shared?

Disclosure: I enjoyed a delicious breakfast and gift bag from Hallmark. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published. 



New Year, New 'Tude

Some things have me stressed out already just 5 days into the new year. But nothing that compares to what a few friends of mine are dealing with.

I was catching up with my brother yesterday and we were chatting about just how lucky we both really are. Sure we have things that stress us out, but even at the very worst....

say I lose my job, have to leave our home, whatever I imagine my worst to be...

at least I have my health and my kids health.

I have my family, good friends, lots of love and joy.

I have my mind,  I have peace.

And then my brother said something really brilliant,

"I'm going to spend more time being thankful for the things I have TODAY because life is too short to worry about the things I might lose tomorrow."

I have no idea if that is original or not.

I just liked it.

And I want to live it.

Every day.

What are you focused on as we start the new year? I'd love to hear about something really inspiring.



Support the Arts: City Dance Ensemble at the BSO (Saturday 4/25)

Times are tough. And when the going gets tough, the tough go see shows.
But instead of losing your cares in another animated movie, why not try real, live artists?City Dance Ensemble in "Jungle Books"
Photo Credit: Paul Gordon Emerson

Next Saturday, April 25th at the Meyerhoff in Baltimore, the City Dance Ensemble will be performing Jungle Books. Live music, live performers, great costumes, and great are just a little more than a movie ticket at $12-$20.

Plus, you'll be supporting the arts and they need it during times like these. They need it more than the movie studios at the very least!

Giving my support,


Around the world in one night

Last night was International Night at the Twofer's school and I was completely wowed. Families chose to represent a different country from around the world and set up tables with photos, books, artifacts, and even food from that country.

Flags Of The World

Photo via Flickr 365

Many families chose countries they had ties to, and even included short dance routines like Irish Step Dancing. Some families just chose a country and used it as a way to explore another culture with their kids. One family chose to represent the country where they adopted their children.

Each table was unique and you could see the families that chose to participate had the most fun as they stamped each child's paper passport.

And I learned a lesson - sometimes it is better to give of your time, than to receive.

Jambo! Next year, I think we'll do the Kenya table.



Someone get me a Stop-Growing pill quick!

L and M 2003

I'm a slow learner. When people told me time would fly when I had kids I thought they were just trying to make me feel better because they knew I'd be up all night with newborn twins. During those early days time stood completely still.

Even as the girls entered preschool I didn't think time had passed any faster than normal. They were still little, still had funny ways of saying things, and still fit comfortably on my lap.

It has taken me five, almost six years to finally learn what people are talking about when they say time flies once you have kids. They are talking, of course, about those angry little men that come out in the wee hours and fast forward all the clocks in my house.

Those little men have made it impossible for M to fit comfortably on my lap, her skinny legs crunched up or dangling off, and my legs going numb from the weight.
My innocent little girls now come home from school talking about boys, and which 5th graders are getting boobs throwing me into a tailspin of neurotic 'what-if' thinking.

L and M 2009

I will not let this go on without a fight!
I will develop a Stop-Growing pill that will not only keep my little girls 5 forever, it will keep my rear-end from expanding.
I will make millions, I will have a sort-of-ok ass, and I will have all the time in the world to enjoy it!