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What I Learned at My Annual Physical

Every year I learn something new when I have my annual physical. Usually it's health-related, but sometimes it's just the experience of going to the doctor's office, getting blood drawn, and people watching in the waiting room.


This is what I learned this year during my annual physical:

I need an e-reader

I love to read and I bring a book with me whenever I think I'll have a few minutes to read. Doctor's office visits are great reading moments. But having dragged this book with me from waiting room to exam room to blood draw room it became clear that I need a nook, Kindle or some kind of e-reader.



I am shrinking

I am officially 2 inches shorter than I was about 8 years ago. I also have decided I need to start taking calcium of vitamin D supplements ASAP and I need to get back into yoga. Even if yoga doesn't really stretch me, I feel taller when I'm doing it regularly.


I still haven't learned to read directions

Make sure the water fountain is for your mouth before bending down to take a drink or you will get an eye-full.


Giving 'some' blood can mean different things

I have a potential blood clotting thing that I decided should be verified and my doctor agreed and said I should have 'some' blood drawn. 'Some' to me is a tube or two of my life source. This year I was in for a treat! The tech kept taking tube after tube after tube and filling them up in a little rack.

All. For. Me. To. Fill


What have you learned during your annual physical?