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Fashion Friday Disney Handbags

I haven't done a Fashion Friday post in a few weeks but was finally feeling inspired after we enjoyed the hospitality of Disney during the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

During the weekend I was able to enjoy using my Dooney and Bourke Mickey purse for the first time ever!

I won the purse during another Disney event last year called Dinner with Disney. I have not been brave enough to break it out away from the parks. After using it for a few days though, I think it really does go with everything and brings a little Disney magic to any outfit!

Want to shop for your own Disney purse?

You can go with the ever stylish Dooney & Bourke handbags like this Disney Dooney & Bourke Sketch Large Handbag  


Or go with something a little simpler like the Harveys Convertible Minnie Mouse Tote by Disney Couture

If you are working with a smaller budget, fear not! I found a few cute things that are perfect Disney accessories:

Nylon Mickey Mouse totes ($28.95)


the Disney Dooney & Bourke Minnie Mouse Pouchette $79.95

Or the Mickey Mouse Big Face Canvas Tote & Wallet Set

What bag would you buy for your next Disney trip?


Disclosure: I did receive the one handbag at no charge as part of the Dinner with Disney event. I also have paid for my fair share of Disney purses - mostly the ones with Airel and other princesses. I also received discounted room, park tickets, and gift bag of goodies while on the Disney Social Media Moms celebration but a purse was not one of the items. Also, some links are affiliate links.


Fit Family Carnival - Thanksgiving is a great time to think about your Healthy Living Story to Win a Weekend at Disney!


FIRST: Happy Thanksgiving!!

SECOND: Put back that second helping of apple pie and listen up.

Disney is giving away a Free Weekend to 50 People Who Write about their Healthy Living Ideas

Visit to enter but hurry because the contest ends December 1st!

Write a 250 word essay about your ideas for living a healthy life at home, at school or in your community. Your essay will be judged on three different criteria:

Does your idea help find fun ways to get healthy?

How originality and create is it?

Does your idea inspire others to get fit?

So, instead of getting thirds, sit down with the family and write your essay then enter before December 1st. Who knows? You just may find yourself at Disney next year!


For more Fit Family Carnival posts see...

Tips for not eating Halloween Candy

Or enter any search term in the search box on the top right of the page.


New Disney Toys are Twice as Much Fun

Disney has a few new toys out on the market that come in pairs. THIS is a good thing for us. Toys that come in twos make life easier. Even better? I won TWO sets of the toys at the Dinner with Disney event I went to last week! A first for all of us.

New Disney Pairs

Pook-a-looz are the cutest little creatures ever to leave the Disney store. They will lift any ban you may have imposed on new stuffed animals. They are soft, cuddly, and just too darn cute.  As part of our Disner with Disney gift bag we got....Chip and Dale! Perfect for a twin mom like me!



What else are they holding in that photo? Well, everyone loved the movie "The Princess and the Frog ", and most notable were the kissing frogs. We got to bring home this famous pair of frogs as they are about to be married complete with wedding veil, and magnetic lips that kiss! This pair of kissing frog is not yet available online - so head to Disney if you need to have them!

What do you do with two sets of two?

You can imagine the smiles I saw the morning they woke up to not one, but TWO gift baskets. What do you do with two sets of everything? Why, have a double wedding of course!



They even made use of the Mickey-shaped baskets for the dance floor and shiny display board.

This post is made possible by my Disney friends, Leanne (who is not only fun but very cool and who recently cut her hair - love it!), Laura (who is so fabulous I'm planning a GNO next time she's in DC so I can look fab standing next to her all night)  Maria (who just happened to choose THE dress shop in DC to buy ner newest award gown and should be a travel writer...and adopt me), and Amy (who totally gets me, my humor, and still takes my calls)... all who had something to do with my being at the event but also drawing my name to bring home two gift baskets. THANK YOU!




Dinner with Disney and my Daily Reminders

We have some very special memories of Disney.

First there was the surprise trip we took for The Twofer's 6th birthday.

Then there was the trip with took last year for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

Between the two, I am left with some daily reminders of how much our family enjoys Disney.



And it seems like the folks at Disney enjoy having me around as well!

I'm having Dinner with Disney to Celebrate their Dining Promotion

This Thursday I'll be heading to a classic Washington, DC restaurant, The Old Ebbit Grill to learn more about Disney's own unique dining experience.

I’m having dinner with Disney!

You've read before how I loved the Disney dining program and recommend it for anyone who heads to Disney for more than a day. But did you know Disney has over 200 restaurants on the 40-square mile property? Disney has everything from convenient kiosks selling Mickey ice cream bars, to casual walk-ups serving comfort food, to AAA 5-Diamond rated restaurants like Victoria & Albert's!

Book Your Disney Vacation and Take Advantage of a FREE Dining Plan

Disney Dining Plans are now FREE when you book at trip to Disney! This is the greatest promotion because you pay for your tickets and room ahead of time, and once you are there, you will hardly spend any money! You can easily budget for this vacation, and you don't feel like you are nickel-and-dimed once you are there. It made it very easy to relax and enjoy our trip.

I can't wait to learn more about this special promotion and all the different restuarant to try on our next Disney visit. I've heard of people using their park-hopper passes to head to different parks just for dinner at a certain restaurant but I have yet to try it!

What are your favorite Disney restuarants? Have any questions you want me to ask on Thursday? Leave me a short comment and let me know!


Disclosure: we paid for our first trip to Disney on our own and the trip we took for the Social Media Moms Celebration was deeply discounted. All opinions are my own and the tears I shed during the fireworks were real and in celebration of the fact that I was so happy to be experiencing Disney with my girls and be able to give that gift to them for their birthday. It truly is a magical place.


5 Ways to Splurge for Cheap at Disney

Image courtesy of my sister-in-law

The folks at Disney have a way of making everyone feel special. And today I wanted to highlight some things that YOU can do to enhance your experience.

Here are 5 affordable ways to 'splurge' at Disney:

Disney Stroller

Disney is so magical that it is COMPLETELY ACCEPTABLE for 6, 7, and I bet we saw a few 8 year olds riding around in the Disney-issued-lightweight-turn-on-a-dime-no-kid-gets-tired-and-cranky strollers they have available to rent at all the parks.

The Mister actually tried to climb in the double one we got for our first trip last year (Twofer were 6) and we actually pushed him about 3 feet before falling on the ground laughing.

The strollers are $15 a day for a single, and $31 a day for a double (based on current pricing listed HERE). For many parents, this is a small investment to make to know your kids will last the day and into the night, with minimal whining.

Image courtesy of my sister-in-law

Starbucks Via TM... Guy Kawasaki

Alltop co-founder, father, Hawaiian-shirt-wearing Guy spoke to our group at the conference in February and while he said tons of great things about how to best use Twitter...this is what I remember most (without having to replay the video). He told us all about Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew and gave us each a free sample to try!

Now, we were all staying at 'The Poly' (the cool way of referring to The Polynesian) and I was grateful that my room had a little coffee maker and coffee thingys. But the sample of Starbuck's Via from Guy was exactly how I like my coffee. Full of flavor, and just as easy to make. I made the hot water in the coffee maker, and added it to my Via along with the creamer and sugar from the hotel. mmmmmm

Image via Amazon

Visit Disney on Your Birthday

You may know that we took The Twofer last year for their 6th birthday. Last year the promotion was Free on Your Birthday and while that may not be the case this year, you can still get all kinds of free stuff if you go to Disney on your birthday. Just be sure to TELL EVERYONE!


I can't guarantee you anything, but here are some of the things you might receive if you remember to tell the staff about the birthday boy/girl:

  • free "It's my Birthday" button (go to guest services booth at the park first thing)
  • free set of reusable Disney mugs and balloons in your room
  • autographed photo post-card of Mickey wishing you a magical celebration
  • extra or free dessert at a sit-down meal
  • small individual cake and birthday card at a character meal
  • extra attention from characters

Pop Century

We stayed here on our first trip and I've heard from several others that the Pop Century is the best of the Disney Value hotels. Why? The bus only stops maybe once on the way to most parks. It has great pools, and an arcade (perfect for those rainly days) as well as little performances put on by the staff. It may not be hula lessons like at the Poly but we saw a kid parade go by and other performances the few days we were there.

Image via 

Affordable Disney Florist

Most recently my brother took his kids to Disney for their first trip. They had a rough time getting down there because of a huge snow storm hitting the NY area. It was questionable whether they would make it at all! But once we knew they arrived safe and with plenty of fun ahead of them, my mom and I decided to make it truly magical and surprise them with a little something in their room from the Disney Florist.

We got them this gift for just $40.00!

Mickey's Kool Snack from Disney FloristYou can also take something like this and add Mickey Mitts or Ears for $10-$15. Be sure to ask a floral specialist when you call about customizing the gifts. Having a little surprise in your room is a great way to add a little extra magic.



Want to read more about our experiences at Disney?

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Disclosure: My most recent trip to Disney was as an attendee of the Disney Social Media Moms conference where I received a discounted room rate, complimentary items, and access to special events including food and entertainment.  All opinions are my own and were not reviewed nor approved by Disney prior to posting.