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Disney as an Adults-Only Destination... YES!

Today we are snuggled in just waiting to lose power while hurricane Sandy approaches.

But just a week ago I was at Walt Disney World to preview the New Fantasyland, and I'm channeling those warm memories as I write this.

I was invited for a media tour of the New Fantasyland expansion that has taken place in Magic Kingdom. I was invited to bring the family but we just couldn't work it out with our schedules.

So, I went alone.



It was awwwwesome! (I totally sang that)

I was actually down there with a group of bloggers, many of whom I've had the chance to get to know over the years and others I had the pleasure to get to know. You see most of them couldn't work it out to bring their families and we realized...

We could go on all the roller coasters our kids refuse to go on!

Like the Rockin Roller Coaster!

Partay like Rock Stars at Hollywood Studios dude.

We also realized it was the International Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT.


If this isn't the best reason to visit Disney without kids, than I don't know what is.

Yummy Mummy Drink

All of the countries have exotic food offerings and unique drinks that range in price between $5 and $15.

It was such a fun way to experience Disney. Something very new to me and something I want to do again with my husband and possibly for a girl's weekend.

Who's in??

Of course the highlight was being able to be one of the firsts to experience the New Fantasyland. But that needs a post all to itself.

For now, start planning your adult Disney trip and let me know if you need any tips.



Dinner with Disney and my Daily Reminders

We have some very special memories of Disney.

First there was the surprise trip we took for The Twofer's 6th birthday.

Then there was the trip with took last year for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

Between the two, I am left with some daily reminders of how much our family enjoys Disney.



And it seems like the folks at Disney enjoy having me around as well!

I'm having Dinner with Disney to Celebrate their Dining Promotion

This Thursday I'll be heading to a classic Washington, DC restaurant, The Old Ebbit Grill to learn more about Disney's own unique dining experience.

I’m having dinner with Disney!

You've read before how I loved the Disney dining program and recommend it for anyone who heads to Disney for more than a day. But did you know Disney has over 200 restaurants on the 40-square mile property? Disney has everything from convenient kiosks selling Mickey ice cream bars, to casual walk-ups serving comfort food, to AAA 5-Diamond rated restaurants like Victoria & Albert's!

Book Your Disney Vacation and Take Advantage of a FREE Dining Plan

Disney Dining Plans are now FREE when you book at trip to Disney! This is the greatest promotion because you pay for your tickets and room ahead of time, and once you are there, you will hardly spend any money! You can easily budget for this vacation, and you don't feel like you are nickel-and-dimed once you are there. It made it very easy to relax and enjoy our trip.

I can't wait to learn more about this special promotion and all the different restuarant to try on our next Disney visit. I've heard of people using their park-hopper passes to head to different parks just for dinner at a certain restaurant but I have yet to try it!

What are your favorite Disney restuarants? Have any questions you want me to ask on Thursday? Leave me a short comment and let me know!


Disclosure: we paid for our first trip to Disney on our own and the trip we took for the Social Media Moms Celebration was deeply discounted. All opinions are my own and the tears I shed during the fireworks were real and in celebration of the fact that I was so happy to be experiencing Disney with my girls and be able to give that gift to them for their birthday. It truly is a magical place.