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Easy Last Minute Valentine's Day Cards Using Glow Sticks

Need a last minute Valentine's Day craft or card idea that does NOT includ candy but still leaves kids with a little surprise?

Last year we had a huge hit on our hands with this card.

This year, we decided to try something new.

I Hope Your Day Glows Valentine's Day Card


Glow stick can be removed and worn

Item's you'll need:

card stock (red for the heart another color for an arrow)

tube of mini glow stick bracelets (I found a tube of 25 for $1 at Michael's)

scissors or cutting tool

stickers, stamps or glitter to decorate

doilie (optional) to glue to the back of the card for additional decoration

Hope your day glows!

How to assemble the card:

Create a heart with 4 to a page in a Word document then print enough for the entire class (and teacher) onto red card stock

Make marks where the glow stick will go in and out in the heart

Decorate the heart and address the cards around the area where the glow stick will go (I thought adding a doilie to the back of the red card and having the edges a little frilly would be cute but my daughter nixed it)

Use a scissors or Exacto knife and cutting board to score an X on the spots marked for the glow sticks.

*TIP - score the X's farther apart so the card bends less when you put the stick through

My daughter then used a pencil to poke a cleaner hole through the X

Be careful not to bend the glow stick when you insert it through the holes or it will activate the glow!

Use another color card stock to make arrow tips - either another smallter heart or a triangle and tape these to the tip of one end of the glow stick

Add the glow stick bracelet connector (comes in the tube) to the other end

Kids can pull out the glow stick, activate the glow, then connect the two ends around their wrist to wear it home!



Portable Homework Study Carrel is My Crafty Piece de Resistance

We have finally figured out a way to provide some quiet study space for homework and keep twin eyes on their on work. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, the DIY study carrel:

 homework study carrel

This nifty project was not only fun, it will help the girls focus on their own work.

Create your own study carrel

I first saw this project on the Disney website. Since I'm all about reusing now, I started looking around the house for materials we already had. I grabbed some clear plastic boxes I had saved this year (chocolate bunnies from Easter I believe) and cut off the top, then lined the inside with a cute image.

 reuse material for pencil box


I taped the image just lightly to the back of the box so we can swap it out for something new or seasonal whenever we want

We loved the blue in the Disney sample so we purchased a similar blue tri-fold presentation board but you can get them in all different colors. We cut the board in half to make two study carrels. Then I scrounged around and found some foam mounting squares , Command hooks , and self-stick Velcro to attach all the necessary items:

  • pencil holder (the clear box)
  • magnet strip (this came from Ikea)
  • ruler
  • clear plastic folder to hold week-long assignments
  • calendar

I cut up some plastic packaging the erasers came in to create a smaller container and used velcro to attach the pencil box so that we can take it off to change the image.



Homework Time Made Easier

With all the drama we has last year, I'm not quite sure why I didn't search for something like this sooner. These study carrels can fold up easily, and used on a table or even on the living room floor. The storage boxes means I'm not search around the house for pencils and erasers and glue. And the folder keeps weekly assignments like spelling lists in a safe place.

clear plastic folder on study carrel

Dare I say the love homework time now? And I'm earning my crafty mom badge!


for more of my attempts at crafting see:

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Disclosure: some links are affiliate links.


Crafty Crafters

You know that friend who always sends your kids home from a playdate with cookies and fun crafts they made?

I am not that friend.

I don't craft.

I don't really bake either.

The Crafter in Me

I have craft things around the house because at one time or another I have...

tried to make Scultpy beads (could never layer it right to get those cool swirl designs)

made my own jewelry (always falls apart)

had the urge to scrapbook (that urge dies as soon as I realize I have to organize the photos first)

I also have children and The Twofer have always been big on 'projects'. See? We even refer to crafts as 'projects' around here because of the amount of work it seems like goes into it all.

That said, my friend who is the craftiest of crafters (to the point where she has created a little business making beautiful baby gifts) sent her girls over for a playdate with The Twofer.

I was determined to impress them.

Crafty Crafters

First, aprons and, because they all looked so darn cute, a photo!



(See THAT's what I do well! I document any and all moments for the blog.)

Then I found a box of tongue depressers (wooden craft sticks), some glue, and paint. Ah-ha! Let's frame that cute photo!

Here are some of their creations:



Printing the photo to fit was a little frustrating, but I'm a PRO-fessional so I got it right. The crafter in me decided on a 'rustic' piece of twine would look best to hang our beautiful framed photos.

Here's the final product:



Is it the most creative? No. But I proved I can craft when I set my mind to it.


For more crafty blog posts see...

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Unfinished Business

Bendaroos review


Unfinished Business

Here is a brief list of things I've started over the past 5 years, and never seem to get back to:

1. Jewelry making

2. The Twofer's baby books - not to be confused with...

3. The Twofer's scrapbooks

4. Sorting, framing or otherwise storing the BEST of the Twofer's artwork

5. Stamping a collection of gift tags (so I always have one)

Notice the craft theme here. This is the short list. The list I have in my head goes on and on. For 5 years (not a coincidence the Twofer is 5) I start projects and then never find the time to get back to any of it. Until, hopefully, now.

I was talking with a few friends of mine recently and discovered I'm not the only one with this problem. In fact, I'm not the only one with a supply of beads, tools, scrapbook paper, stamps, etc. Combined, we could fill a small garage with our "collections".
Jewelry making mess

That's when we came up with the idea of picking a monthly date when we get together and DO some of this! It would give us an excuse to get together and catch up, plus we might actually feel a sense of accomplishment.

Scrapbook/photos/artwork mess

And once we've completed our own crafts, I found a great website for suggestions so we can continue these monthly meetings til the kids are in college.

Twofer Thumbs Up to, a weekly collection of ideas and links from all over the web. From crafts (mini notepads that looked easy peasy to make) to cooking (make your own toaster pastries) to fun stuff to do with the kids (bubble painting) kiddio has an ever-changing list of options.

I'm looking forward to this new excuse to visit with my friends and have a glass of wine and I can't wait get my crafty on!

Now all we have to do is pick the date. Let's hope that doesn't take another 5 years.

Committed to crafting,