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What do you call Christmas cards that go out in late January?

Yesterday I was trying to focus on work but kept getting disctracted by the huge pile of Christmas cards that have yet to get addresses and mailed.


I decided to ask my peeps on Twitter what they would do.

I love Twitter.

My friend Dwan suggested I...

 late holiday cards 1


A new friend, Gwen told me her plans...

 late holiday cards 4


But the BEST idea came from another new friend, Lettergirl ...

 late holiday cards 2


 late holiday cards 3


So I ask you, how late is too late to send out Christmas cards?



Christmas clean up complete and I'm reminded why some go for the fake trees

I HATE cleaning up Christmas.

As if it's not bad enough that the house looks bare, the lights get all tangled in the tree, and I can't get everything to pack up in the same bins!

We then have to wrestle the tree out of the house.

Only to be left with...

Christmas,Christmas tree,holidays,cleaning


What do you hate about cleaning up after the holidays?



A Very Important Lesson from a Surprising Source...Dad

This Christmas brought with it some surprises. One being that I'm not the only one a little neurotic when it comes to raising girls.
It seems The Mister was moved by something he saw in a catalogue.
He was so moved he decided to give it to the girls as a life lesson.
He wrapped up that lesson, tied it with a bow, and gave it to each of them for Christmas Eve.



What other lessons can we share to help our girls be ok with who they are?



Twincident #157 - Ornaments should be brought out 48 hours before the tree

Every year I make the same mistake. I bring the ornaments out the same day that we decorate the tree.

This year I learned my lesson.

Ornaments are to be brought out from storage at least 48 hours before the tree.




Because if you don't, the tree will be un-decorated within an hour of going up.

Kids, or at least my kids, need to play with the ornaments. Every year we decorate the tree and without fail I find certain ornaments all over the a make-shift dollhouse, playing with the Barbies, and scattered across the floor in a parade.

This year I remembered to bring the ornaments out early and not only that, I had a mini tree too!

The Twofer took the mini tree and set it up where the real tree will go.

And then the play commenced!


I'm hoping they had enough time to play and that the tree will stay decorated this year.

What do you think?



Fashion Friday for A Fashionable Christmas Tree

To be terribly honest most of our ornaments, while very high in sentimental value, rank pretty low on the fashion scale.

Probably the most hideous is the spiked cone ornament my brother made in cubscouts. It has his little school photo on there take during that "awkward" stage when the front teeth are way bigger than the head can carry.

But I love this ornament. It reminds me of my brother as I remember him when Christmas was all about being a kid.

There is room for fashion on a tree filled with sentiment

A few years ago I decided to start investing in some better looking ornaments. I'm not getting rid of the sentimental ones, but there needed to be SOME more modern, more updates, more fashionable things hanging off of our tree!

Thank goodness for Bergdorf!

The other day I was tweeting with Berdgorf Goodman (I know - SQUEEE!) and realized they have some of the most beautiful ornaments!

fashionable ornaments at Bergdorf's


Love the Pashmina in this one...

You really must check them all out HERE.

Then tell me which ones you are going to buy!