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So the Twins are now Texting...

The girls got their iPod Touches last Christmas.

Here's a link to the video where they screamed bloody murder.

I know, so fun right?

But I made them wait almost an entire year before agreeing to give them an email.

Why? Well first, I learned a few scary things at this Family Online Safety conference that was sponsored in party by AT&T. And second, I'm online... a LOT. I know there are creepers there and that you get spam email and spam instant messages, and stalkers.

At least that's how I've summed it up in my head.

But who knew the person that would freak them out the most would be my very own friend?

Actually, this entire text discussion had me nearly peeing in my pants I laughed so hard!

At least we know the girls know how to react to spammy creepers!!

My friend, it will take her a few days to recover I think.

My husband is not going to let go of this one.