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Twincident #154 The Day the TV Introduced Mesothelioma

Have you heard the mesothelioma commercials on TV?

Of course you have. Everyone has. They are running day and night on just about every channel. Including channels The Twofer often watch.

Wait, let me clarify - it's not that they watch TV often, it's that when they do watch TV it's the same 4 channels. And all 4 channels have a variety of mesothelioma commercials.

What a fun word! Mesothelioma

The past few days as the girls are playing I keep hearing them say, "mesothelioma". I think they said "meslothoma" or "meeleeomia" but I knew exactly what they were trying to say and, dumb me, corrected them.

Twincident Lesson - never correct them when they say swear words or diseases wrong. It will only come back to haunt you

They are playing with their Barbies and the mom is named...Mesothelioma

One last remaining ingredient for the mud pie is...mesothelioma

This morning Em is really tired because she has...mesothelioma

Have I told them what mesothelioma is?

Yes, they know it's a type of cancer. They know both grandfathers died of cancer. Now, try explaining cancer to them. Then try to get them to stop saying a word when, for all intents and purposes, isn't a bad word. It's the name of a bad thing, but the word itself isn't insulting to anyone.

When I took french I used to love the word for grapefruit: le pomplemousse

What new word is floating around your home?


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Twincident #153 Quiet Morning Ritual


Bonding through A Love of Science

Welcome to Team Whymommy's Virtual Science Fair! Today we are celebrating a very special woman by celebrating her love of science.

Here's why:

Science is cool

Susan is amazing

Experimenting and exploring science with your kids is a great opportunity to bond

And now I get to bond with some fellow bloggers to show support for a woman who has changed the way I think about family time. That is, I appreciate every little moment...even the annoying ones.

No, onto science

Our favorite science activity as a family is searching for shooting stars.

The best thing I ever did was get a fire pit from Lowes. This fire pit has replaced TV on many Friday nights.

Twins ready to toast marshmallows and look at stars

Last year we woke the girls up in the middle of the night 2 nights in row one week (yes, school nights) during a meteor shower just to give them a glimpse of it. And now it's become a regular thing. We sit outside, enjoy the fire, and look for shooting stars as we discuss planets and stars.

The Twofer know many of the planets in our own solar system. They even know the ones that have rings. But the size and scope and beginnings of the Universe are tough to grasp and so a night outside with the fire pit always leads to many more questions that we can answer.

And that's the part I love. For without questions, we wouldn't learn. Without exploration, whether it be in space or inside the human body, we wouldn't have knowledge. And without science we can't fight find a cure for cancer...or at least give it a little kick in the ass.

Now, who wants to come over for the next fire? Bring marshmallows and a telescope.



A different kind of team

Lately I've been joining teams that test washing machines, cell phones, and other consumer products. I enjoy those teams and enjoy sharing my experience with you. This team is a little different.

Today I declare myself member of a team that started on July 23, 2007.

I'm not a member of the club, but I am a member of the team.

You can join the team too.

It doesn't cost any money.

There is no uniform.

There is only awareness, openness, love, support, courage, and most importantly


Team Whymommy

Click the image above to find out more.