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Banning Harry Potter

Harry Potter is all around me.

Actually, HE is now a SHE and we call HER Harriet Potter.

We discuss all things wizard and wonderful these days.

There is an entire library dedicated to "Care of Magical Creatures", "Defense Against the Dark Arts", and "Herbology" in one of our guest rooms.

There is talk of getting an owl for a pet... instead of a dog.

And I find letters from Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore hidden in places.

Enough is Enough Mr. Potter!


I finally had to put the kabash on the books...for now. I said, "Let's take a break before reading #4".

My concern was that the books get darker, and a little more mature (some teen dating stuff). My concern was the BIG let-down you get when you plow through a series so quickly (she's reading 1 a week - I swear!). My big idea was to find another series we could read during this 'break'.

There was much whining.

There were daily questions, "Can I read it NOW???"

Then one day book 4, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" came home from the school library.

And then it occurred to me...

How can I BAN a book?

How can I put the kabash on something that has encouraged so much imaginative play, so much independent reading?

I can't.

The fact is, Harry Potter is PERFECT for this age. It plays right into a child's excitement over secrets, good versus evil, and magic. It's easy and fun to act out the characters and scenes. Plus, it gives "us" a good excuse to speak in a British accent.

Bottom line: You can keep the book away from the girl, but you can't keep the girl away from the library - or the book. And probably I shouldn't even try.



Fashion Friday - Focus on Makeup with e.l.f. coupon code & how to get smokey eyes

I first met e.l.f. (eyes lips face) cosmetics at last year's Blogher conference. After a few freebies I was sold. Well, I wasn't sold, I was bought? No wait. That doesn't sound right. I was freebie-d?

Whatever - the fact is that a free sample can go a long way to brand loyalty. Not because it's free. But because the product you get to sample for free is actually really great!

e.l.f. Coupon Code

Right now and through September 16, 2010 you can get  20% off any e.l.f makeup purchase with code: TAKETWENTY

Not only that but I see a great sale going on at e.l.f. right now so, while it's not entirely free, you can sample e.l.f. for a very low price! And, it's already affordable. This makes it, well, freebie-ish!

Need Help Applying Makeup?

These days if I swipe some powder across my nost (e.l.f. mineral powder of course) and brush on some mascara I'm lucky. But for the nights I want to be a little more dramatic I turn to...Carmindy.

I love the show What Not to Wear and Carmindy's makeup tips always seem a) realistic and b) totally do-able. I've been trying to take notes during the show but really, isn't it easier just to buy the book, The 5-Minute Face.

That Carmindy - she knows we moms barely have 5 minutes so she's come up with easy steps to get us looking our best with makeup but also - she has product recomendations for high and low budgets! For example, do you have combination skin? You can splurge on Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk, or get great results with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (my personal favorite).



My summer reading list will be filled with twins

I was at the library book sale a few weeks ago when I picked up a Wally Lamb book (I Know This Much Is True) that is not only huge in size (I was feeling ambitious), but it's about twin brothers.

Then a friend of mine told me about a new book her friend wrote (The Opposite of Me) and I jumped on her "Spike Day" and pre-ordered the book without actually knowing what it was about. It happens to be about twin sisters!

That got me thinking.

What other cool fiction books are about twins?  It seems like there are lots!

Here are a few I found through browsing my libarary, Amazon, and by asking around on Twitter (note my cool Amazon store):



So, have you read any good books (fiction please) about twins that I can add to my list? Please add any and all recommendations in a comment and I will love you forever. Or not depending on how I like the book.



Storytime with the Twofer Twins Week 6 - All About Animals

Technically this is week 7 or even 8 because I've missed a few but give me a break - who's watching these anyway? If you are, please leave a comment so I can share them with the authors.

This week L was inspired to write a book for a baby that is on the way. No, not mine. One of my husband's cousins is having a baby soon and the girls came with me to the baby shower. I'm mailing this book out today to the lucky parents-to-be.

Do you have a creative way to preserve your child's artwork?
I'd love to know about it because this stack of books is growing and while I've captured most on video...I'm thinking I should keep the hard copies too.