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Fashionista Friday - The One Hundred by Nina Garcia

What 100 items in your closet would be the must-have items to take with you if you have to leave your house?

That's the question answered by the book, "The One Hundred - A guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own" by Nina Garcia of Project Runway fame.

The One Hundred things we need to be stylish (at the very least)

You see Nina has a fabulous closet but she couldn't access it for about 2 years while her home was going through a renovation. Well, she did have access to it, but only here and there and over the months she would run in and grab the necessities...hence, The 100.

A List I Love to Check

What I love about this book (yet another great gift from my sister-in-law) is that it lists the items alphabetically so you can literally go down the list and check off what you already have, or circle the items you still need (and then leave the list lying around for your family to find for when they are looking for your next birthday, mother's day, or holiday gift).

And become I'm a list maker, this check-list is a list after my own heart! Start with the A's for Animal print (check) and move onto to the Ds for Denim Jacket, Diamond Studs, and Drive Moc (check, check, ooh - add that to my list!)

 List of the 100 fashion basics

Want to know how close you are to having all One Hundred? Get the book!

Then let's check things off together!




Storytime with the Twofer Week 5- Little Snowman

L wrote this book before we actually had any snow this winter. But seeing as we just had a 2-day school week due to snow and ice, I thought this would be a good week to post this story.



Storytime Week 3 "Little Red Fish"

Welcome to week 3 of Storytime with the Twofer. In this episode we meet Little Red fish who meets the dangers of the deep face-to-face. Watch it with your little ones and see what happens!

Go little Red!