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A Favor to help Chris Mann #GetOnEllen 

There's a musician named Chris Mann that did me a BIG favor a year ago. He let me interview him (see video below).

And, he laughed at my snarky-ness.

He didn't have to. But he has a great sense of humor, an amazing voice, and isn't too big for his britches that he can't give a mom or two, (or two hundred) a shout out on his blog once in a while.

So, today I'm asking you to help me return the favor. All you have to do is COPY and PASTE this into your Twitter stream, Facebook status, blog, or even MySpace (if you have one and IF you are on MySpace let me know and I won't feel so old):

@TheEllenShow #MANNfans want @iamChrisMann on Ellen! #GetOnEllen (please RT!!!)


Here's the interview if you want to get to know Chris Mann and be sure to follow him on Twitter and read his Blog where you get the inside scoop on the glamorous and not-so-glamorous doings of a recording artist.

He totally needs to be on Ellen, RIGHT?



My sincere apology....

Image: Uniqlo t-shirt by Mshades

Dear Readers...or what's left of you:

I owe you an apology.
I have been very slow and unreliable in my posting to this blog.

Now, let me fill you in on all the crap that's been keeping from you:

1. I Went on vacation...

blahgity, blah, blah

2. Went to see a friend who recently had her 4th child

This makes 4 kids, age 5 and it was an I'm-never-complaining-again reminder that twins ain't so tough and sometimes having twins is actually easier!

3. My dear friend's mother passed away after a long an valiant fight with breast cancer.

This was no ordinary woman. She had a closet where her clothes and accessories were lined up in rainbow order. She was a true girly-girl in a house full of boys. She was an incredible cook, a world traveler, and....a twin.

I'm not sure what was more painful.
Watching my friend bury his mother or
watching her twin struggle with the last goodbye.
(Rest in Peace Mrs. B.)

4. My 95-year old Grandfather passed away.

The hardest part of this was the reminder of what life used to be like when I was a kid. A reminder of all those who have passed on (my dad, uncle, grandmother, etc.) and a reminder of how much I miss them all.
(I love you Grampy.)

5. I acquired a company.

I had recently started working with my friend JessicaKnows on her Buzz Cooperative business. Soon after I came aboard she realized the option of going back to work looked pretty good. Her fabulous self went and got a job (I mean, within weeks!) and so began talks of me taking over Buzz. I then completely freaked out and called my friend/sidekick/frack-to-my-frick, Linda and forced her to be my partner. So, I'm now a CEO. Go figure.

And there you have it.
Now, back to your regularly scheduled google reader.


Part 2 Backstage Experience at Yanni Voices in Baltimore

More on Yanni Voices....Did you check out the Concert review and videos?

The Mom Media Meet & Greet with Yanni Voices

After the concert we were lining up with about 70 other people for the Yanni Voices meet & greet. I, of course, did not have the right credentials because I never do, but does that stop me from getting in line? No.

Anyway, we're chatting and then we hear the lovely Krystal from YanniWake come walking down the line calling, "Who are the mommy bloggers? Mommy bloggers? Anyone here a mommy blogger?"

And then like a trouble maker I ask, "Can we be the Mom Media?"

Krystal, "Sure! Follow me!"

We jump out of line and she escorts us behind a curtain where all 4 vocalists come and chat with us. We all look at each other and say a little silent thank you to @BarbaraJones, @ToThink, and the whole team at One2One Network.

And then I turn on the Flip and hand it to my trusty friend Barb...

This was my backstage experience at Yanni Voices.

I am still recovering.
Next up - an interview with Leslie Mills...and Tango lessons with Ender (ok, that might not happen but I can dream).



Yanni Voices Show at Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena

Ok really? You can bring a glass of wine into the shows at Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena? The night was starting off great. And that wine might be what lead to this...

Have you all seen @twincident dance w/ Ender from #Yannivoices? on Twitpic

Dancing with the Stars: Ender and Me!

Whether you're a Yanni fan or not, a little wine, some good company (Barb, Amy & Jill) and the amazing musicians and vocalists of Yanni Voices in Concert will put a smile on your face, and, at times, a little shake to your booty.

Here's Why:
This Yanni show is not at all about Yanni. It seems to have been created to highlight all the other musicians and performers on the tour. Of course Yanni himself is a great host for the evening, but the real stars are the four new vocalists (Chloe, Leslie Mills, Ender Thomas, Nathan Pacheco) and the incredible musicians including the violinists, the percussion and drummer, the classical guitarist, and the harpist.

Here are the highlights from the Yanni Voices concert in Baltimore as I experienced them.

Ender Thomas came out in a hot pink shirt and tight pants and the Grandma sitting next to us whipped out her binoculars. No Joke. I can only imagine what she was focused on....can you?

Leslie Mills' satin vocals and fabulous wardrobe.

Dueling drums....honestly, amazing.

Chloe performed Change and I swear she was really crying.

A family of young girls (ages 12 to about 7) sitting right in front of us completely enjoying the concert!

Classic Baltimore moment...the mom of the girls comes shuffling through mid-song with nachos and a 20 oz beer (see - loving the 1st Mariner Arena!)

Dueling violins - insane

Crazy Brazilian harp thing....doubly insane!

Nathan Pacheco gets a standing ovation and we learned later on that his family was in the audience.

Next: My Backstage Experience at Yanni Voices



Guest Post! JP Laqueur on The Verizon Hub for Families

Verizon Hub Widget Phone

Photo Credit: Techfever on Flickr

I was invited to get a first-look at the Verizon Hub home phone in New York last week but couldn't get up there in time. Thankfully fellow marketer, blogger, and all-around good guy JP Laqueur (full-disclosure, he's my brother!) was able to take my spot and here is what he experienced.

So today I had the privilege of seeing the new Verizon Hub firsthand. Verizon Wireless has done a great job with the first generation of this product. The Hub is aptly named as well.

Verizon Hub connects family members

Verizon envisioned this device from the start as something that would tie an entire family together in the one time and place they are likely to meet each day: the kitchen at breakfast. And they built its features and capabilities around that typical family experience.

Mom or Dad can quickly check weather, messages or news while they make coffee. They can we real time traffic updates before staring the commute. The kids can even watch short-form videos of their favorite shows while they eat breakfast.

But the Hub goes beyond breakfast too. It's calender feature allows all family members to keep track of events and it will soon integrate with Outlook and other calender systems. At dinner Mom or Dad can also call up recipes to help whip up a quick dinner.

And the Hub has a messaging interface that integrates neatly with your Verizon Wireless phones. The kids can instant message the Hub remotely to let Mom or Dad know about soccer practice change. And anyone can leave a message on the Hub like "went to Kmart. Back in 30" in lieu of paper notes.

Cost of the Verizon Hub

The Hub costs $200 then $35 a month and it must be accompanied by a new or existing Verizon Wireless account. It can support up to 3 handsets in the house and uses a VoIP connection and the home wireless network rather than a land line - making it convenient, fast and easy.
It's also very upgradable. Verizon pushes updates to the device (new videos and recipes) all the time.

The next generation of the device will be even smaller and more integrated into the 7-inch screen. All in all it's a great initial product an likely to get even better. For busy Verizon Wireless families it's definitely worth a try.

JP Laqueur is president of Idea-Ware Inc. and blogs his random thoughts on marketing advocacy, technology and life at The Madvocate Blog.