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Studio Jewel Makes Valentine's Day Shopping Easy and Affordable

Guys, listen up... (and by guys I mean men and women)

Valentine's Day Shopping Should Not Be Stressful!

You are shopping for someone you love and while you want to impress, you also don't want to break the bank. Not these days. I can give you one place to go and there is STILL time to get that treasured gift and keep it




Studio Jewel from The Bead Girl


Studio Jewel has Great gifts for HIM or HER as pictured above.

Recently my friend Lisa, aka @thebeadgirl and the genius metalsmith behind Studio Jewel gave me my very own ring for my birthday:

I have received tons of compliments both online and off. I was thinking the copper version Lisa did with the heart in the center would be a fabulous Valentine's Day gift! I realized she had so many other great items including the related cufflinks pictured above that it screamed...BLOG POST!

So, as a thank you to Lisa for my ring and as a public service announcement to all of you scrambling to get that Valentine's Day gift before next Monday

Shop Studio Jewel.

Also, check out the Haiti Relief Necklace that has won several awards (ok, they are my own awards but I get tons of compliments on this necklace and my friend Leticia over at TechSavvyMama does too)!


Disclosure: I received a ring from Lisa for no other reason than because she felt sorry for me that I a) could not be at Blissdom with her and my other buddies and b) was without power on my 40th birthday. Also, she's really cool and nice and just a good Internet friend. She knows nothing of this post, didn't see it, approve it, pay me for it. I'm just spreading the love of her store and her mad crazy jewelry making skillz.


Holy Mother of all that is creamy and delicious

Did you know there are two AMAZING food delivery businesses in the DC area?

And I'm not talking groceries (but I did talk grocery delivery in this post and that is pretty effing fabulous).

I'm talking about SOUP and DESSERT ordered online and delivered to your door


Last week at the Momzshare event I was able to sample (and by sample I mean eat 4 servings and nearly stuff myself) two delicious soups from The Soupergirl and a selection of desserts from Treet.

image placeholder - yes, pretend there is an image here of this most amazing lentil soup (mmmm)


vegan brownies from Treet

More Treets and The Soupergirl table in the back

The Soupergirl uses fresh, local produce to create artistic vegan soups and delivers them in compostable containers making her green and healthy! Here's how it works:

1. get an email Monday morning with the souper menu

2. place your order by Thursday evening

3. receive your soup the following week


Treet buys their ingredients from local, organic the butter is from grass-fed cows, and the eggs are from free-range chickens. But Treet also has vegan menu items and gluten-free choices too! The taste? Incredible. I'm assuming gluten-free means fat and sugar free, right? (lalalalala I'm not listening if you are telling me something different).

Here's a link to the Treet menu so you can start shopping.

And here's a fun photo taken of me, Melanie and Amy doing a human version of the Momzshare logo (just because):


Be sure to order extra for me!

all images via the Momzshare pool on Flickr



Bonding through A Love of Science

Welcome to Team Whymommy's Virtual Science Fair! Today we are celebrating a very special woman by celebrating her love of science.

Here's why:

Science is cool

Susan is amazing

Experimenting and exploring science with your kids is a great opportunity to bond

And now I get to bond with some fellow bloggers to show support for a woman who has changed the way I think about family time. That is, I appreciate every little moment...even the annoying ones.

No, onto science

Our favorite science activity as a family is searching for shooting stars.

The best thing I ever did was get a fire pit from Lowes. This fire pit has replaced TV on many Friday nights.

Twins ready to toast marshmallows and look at stars

Last year we woke the girls up in the middle of the night 2 nights in row one week (yes, school nights) during a meteor shower just to give them a glimpse of it. And now it's become a regular thing. We sit outside, enjoy the fire, and look for shooting stars as we discuss planets and stars.

The Twofer know many of the planets in our own solar system. They even know the ones that have rings. But the size and scope and beginnings of the Universe are tough to grasp and so a night outside with the fire pit always leads to many more questions that we can answer.

And that's the part I love. For without questions, we wouldn't learn. Without exploration, whether it be in space or inside the human body, we wouldn't have knowledge. And without science we can't fight find a cure for cancer...or at least give it a little kick in the ass.

Now, who wants to come over for the next fire? Bring marshmallows and a telescope.



A different kind of team

Lately I've been joining teams that test washing machines, cell phones, and other consumer products. I enjoy those teams and enjoy sharing my experience with you. This team is a little different.

Today I declare myself member of a team that started on July 23, 2007.

I'm not a member of the club, but I am a member of the team.

You can join the team too.

It doesn't cost any money.

There is no uniform.

There is only awareness, openness, love, support, courage, and most importantly


Team Whymommy

Click the image above to find out more.



We made it to Disney thanks to quick thinking, phone waiting, luck, and God

Now I'm not a religious blogger, nor do I ever talk about religion, my beliefs or anything probably remotely related to that.

But I have to say there was some Devine Intervention yesterday as we got out of DC before snomageddon, snopacolypse and snOMG #3 came barreling down on us.


Powered by Whrrl



Here's a brief recap of what happened:

We are scheduled on a flight for Wednesday 2/10 at 1:20pm

On Monday 2/8 I'm looking at the upcoming storm and see they upgrade it to a 'warning' calling for 10-20 inches of snow.

Around 10:30 am I am chatting with other DC area bloggers headed to Disney and someone on Twitter alerts me to the fact that many airlines are NOT charging change fees for people trying to avoid the storm.

I immediately get on with Air Tran and sit on hold for about 30 min. Lo & behold they are NOT charging change fees AND there are 4 seats available on a Tuesday morning flight! whoot!

Now we start scrambling to finish work, get packed, find a hotel room, etc.

Later in the afternoon it dawns on me that I can check in 24 hours in advance! Oops!

I go to the AirTran website to check in and I realize I'm on a different flight!! WTH?

I then scramble to call AirTran to figure out what happened but the flight is for 12:28 so I still think we're safe. We stick with the flight and spend the rest of the day/night getting ready.

Day of Trip

I just have to say that it was really a miracle we made it.

1. Of all days this day we leave late for the airport

2. Somehow there is no traffic going to the airport despite the snowy roads (some have been reduced to one lane because of all the snow)

3. The line at security was minimal...I could have sworn it would be awful with everyone and their brother trying to get out of dodge before the next storm. But maybe everyone's flight had already been canceled and they didn't want to get stuck at the airport?

Anyway, wishing all my friends good luck getting here...some are on busses, trains, and driving down. In the mean time I'll just be grateful we made it safe and sound.