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Photobooth Birthday Party

The Twofer are turning 9!

Girls this age seem to love dressing up (not 'dress up' per se, but props and silly things) and they LOVE to ham it up for the camera.

I present as evidence..

So I'm having a photographer friend of mine come, set up her screen, her camera, and some props and let them pose like the rock stars they are!

We had tons of fun shopping for goody bag items like

Clap Board Picture Frame keychains

Metallic Sunglasses

Katy Perry Wig

and lots more.

I might even come back to show you the results!




Carnival Birthday Party (aka: Why didn't I think of that?)

This is a great idea for a birthday party.

It was inside BUT if you knew the weather would cooperate you could definitely head outdoors.

There were tons of activities, cool games, and loads of prizes to fill each goody bag.

Plus, popcorn and caramel apples!

Here are some images (not great but you get the idea) from the Carnival theme birthday party The Twofer went to last weekend:

Cute banners ordered online and customized with peel & stick alphabet letters:



Handmade Bean Bag Toss (see goody bag in front)



Basketball "Hoops" game (how many can you sink in 1 minute?)



Muffin Tin Toss (if your ball lands on a cupcake liner then you win a prize) and Knock Down Cans in the background



Face Painting

Caramel apples and Old-Fashioned Popcorn (of course!)


Tell me if you've done a carnival party and what other games you had. Or, give me an idea for a great 7-year old birthday party. We've got ours coming up in May!

Or maybe I should just hire my friend...


Disclosure: links to Amazon products are affiliate links.


Twofer get surprised with Disney for their 6th Birthday!

Photo of Mouse Ears Credit: Megan Bellamy

I am known for throwing elaborate birthday parties for the Twofer. I do this somewhat unconsciously. I can't help it. It has something to do with the slight depression that comes over me around April. This depression stems from the fact that my dad passed away when El & Em were just 3 weeks old.
Here's the math:

Twofer Birthday + Anniversary of Dad's dying = let's throw a party and keep our mind off of remembering!

Last year's party (over 40 kids) has cured me...I think I'm finally over it.

This year the birthday party will be in Florida at Disney World!

We decided to take advantage of the Free on Your Birthday promotion and plan a little trip to Disney World instead of a big party. Here is what the girls thought when we finally revealed the surprise this past weekend:

This will most definitely be a series of posts and I will provide a running tab and links so you get the whole story no matter where you pick it up.

Looking for my Mouse ears,

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