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I Wanted to be Rich and Famous Until my Mannventure with Chris Mann 

As many of my friends already know, it's about ME. I like to be front and center. I like attention. I like to make people laugh. I also thought that I wanted to be rich and famous.

And then I hung out with Chris Mann


Do you have ANY IDEA what it takes to be a pop star?

Here's how it went down. My friend Amy has a baby grand piano and she's sorta known around these interwebs. Chris Mann, is not only really funny, but he's also totally down with casual performances he can Ustream to his fans.

So, when I found out Chris would be in the DC area I pinged him on Twitter to play at Amy's house. Amy, realizing it would be the same day as her birthday and having just moved into a larger house, loved the idea.

My job, besides coming up with this crazy idea, was to get Chris to Amy's house. He's an urban dweller and used to public transportation so he was happy to take the least one way. But more on that later.

Here's what it takes to be a pop star, Chris Mann style

1. I didn't get a photo but first there is the luggage which weighed about 100 lbs. (Two words: BUY MERCH)

2. Be willing and able to read the directions to your driver who is trying to find a decent radio station because she left the Sirius in her car and her husband only listens to the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd.

3. Own your mad MacGyver skillz because you never know when you'll have to hack together a microphone stand from a banana hammock and electrical tape.

Chris Mann doing what he does best only doing into a banana hammock.

4. Enjoy talking and talking and talking to people. Chris hugs, chats, and laughs endlessly with his fans at these events. He is also totally down with silly birthday photos.

Amy and Chris taunting people on Ustream who had lots to say about the artwork on her wall.

5. Have a good sense of humor when you miss the last metro train by 15 minutes and you can't find a cab for about 5 miles in a major metropolitan city. But you CAN get an Old Skool Ghostbuster Limo Cab. Those, apparently, will stop right away for you.

Chris Mann riding in style.

I no longer want to be rich and famous.

It took me all week to catch up on sleep from that night (I didn't get home until after 1:00 am) and I realized that Chris was going to do the same thing every night for the rest of the week! Granted, he's probably 10 years younger, doesn't have to get up with kids and all that but still. It's got to be hard.

And so I'm now content with watching that pop star live the dream, while I'm curled up on my sofa watching it all unfold on Ustream.



Looking back, looking ahead, and remembering to enjoy the ride

To be perfectly honest with you, this is the first New Year that I've actually felt the need for reflection.

It's not that I think I'm perfect, it's just that every year until this year I've been more motivated to make changes on September 1st. For me, the start of school was the start of a new year...even though I haven't been in school since 1992.

It's time to look at my reflection

Eagle reflection via Alaska in Pictures

So why the sudden change? Why now?

First, it's not just the start of a new year, it's a new decade. Second, last year was the first FULL year I've been writing this blog and documenting so much of my life...of our lives. I can look back over last year and see just what I did, where I went, and what I learned in all areas of my life...

as a mom...

as a writer/blogger...

in my career.

Looking forward in 2010

As I look back over 2009 I can start to think more about what I want for the coming year. I can reflect on what I liked, what I'd like to change, and even a few far-reaching goals. (For me, it's important to keep reaching.) Yet one thing I've learned in 2009 and one thing I want to continue to work on for 2010 is to take the time to enjoy all of it. Live in the present. Be present. Enjoy it.

Living in the moment

as a mom...

as a writer/blogger...

in my career.

If I can keep this one goal in mind all year long, I know I'll be off to a great start - for the decade.