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DIY: American Girl Beach Party Craft (not mine - but you knew that)

A few weeks ago we went to visit my neice and nephews. The Twofer were upstairs in my neice's room for quite a long time...with no yelling or refereeing on my part.

So of course I'm thinking...

something is wrong.

I went to check in on them and saw this...


Cue "ta-da" music.


An American Girl beach party scene like no other I'd seen before! It had everything from grass skirts to surfboards to little mini game of Connect 4!

It turns out my neice made all of it at American Girl camp. As I took a closer look I realized I could definitely help The Twofer make some of these...being the crafty crafters they are.

Cut some images out of the catalog, frame them, and voila! You have decorations for the walls and bookshelf.



Do your girls love the American Girl food? Mine can't get enough. How easy would it be to make your own with some modeling clay that you can either bake or let dry in the sun?



Find a cute little flamingo party cup, cut off the top, glue a piece of painted cardboard and you have yourself a perfect beach party table!


The key is to use bright, "beachy" colors and invest in some serious Michael's shopping. Choose one or two of these projects for a birthday party, or rainy day activity.  Or, if you are like my friend who runs her own camp (at home for her kids) you can plan to do the whole scene over a week.  Let me know so I can send The Twofer to your camp!



Twins get a Trip to American Girl Place in New York City

Last week was Spring Break in these parts and y'all know I'm not one to stick around and do crafts all week unless I have to.

So, I packed up The Twofer and headed up to Grandma's for a few days and with good reason. Their cousin had given them each an American Girl gift card at Christmas so this was a perfect time to use them.

Except that it wasn't perfect.

Because it was Good Friday.

What crazy persons go into NYC on Good Friday AND go to the American Girl store? Well the very same crazy people that head into NYC the day after Christmas!

But when you look at these photos and see the smiles you'll see that we might be a little crazy, but it's worth it!

I'm ready for some shopping with my girls!

TwoferMom and the Twofer enjoying some girl time

You can't begin to imagine the choices we faced. So much so, that we had to take a break in a quiet corner so Em could make up her mind!

Wall of clothing choices at American Girl


Em eyeing up the shoes instead of the camera

Two kisses for Grandma

Thank you Grandma!

Smiles and a big bag of loot!

El saw one of the dolls posed with this violin set and she just stared and stared. I asked her what she was looking at and she said, "Mommy, look! It's soooo beautiful!" You just never know what will catch a child's eye.

El with the most surprising must-have of the day

I'm curious, anyone else surprised by what you child has fallen in love with?