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Fashion Friday the iPhone edition

I'm probably the last social media savvy person on earth to NOT yet have a smart phone.

Until now..

I pre-ordered an iPhone on Verizon!!!

Thank the Good Lord above that Verizon is finally allowed to sell iPhones. I love my Verizon service. I also have a few friends who love to make fun of me for my non-smart phone. My current phone might not be considered "smart" but at least it doesn't drop calls....EVER!

With all the excitement of ordering a new phone I completely forgot about

Fashionable iPhone Accessories

And thank you Apple for all the choices like..

the Kate Spade new york Agenda


the Michael Kors wallet clutch


the Agent18 Slim Shield


the Cole Haan Small Leather zip wallet (in red of course!)

But then I found THIS

Kate Spade new york Janine Notebook Carrying Case

Did you see that? JANINE!

I was the kid to NEVER had the personalized mug, keychain, pencils, etc. I would scour through racks and racks and never, not once, did I ever come across anything with "Janine" on it. That alone justifies the $400 price tag for this right? Plus, it would hold my MacBook, my iPad, and now my new iPhone, and it would hold it all fashionably.

What do you think?




Fashion Friday - swim team survival

We are in the midst of our first swim team season.

We are also in the midst of a terrible heat wave.

Fashion during a swim meet in 100 degree weather is more about survival.

And survival depends on....


your accessories.


Here's how we roll at a swim meet in 100 degree weather:


survival accessories include: umbrella for shade, cup of ice water and battery powered fan



Fashionista Friday - handbags make the perfect Mother's Day gift

You simply can't go wrong with a handbag for your mom. Here's why:

1. You don't have to sweat it out trying to figure out her size or take the chance you'll insult her but suggesting she wears a size larger (or smaller).

2. You can go a little crazy and take a chance one a bright color, funky fabric, etc because it's an accessory and not something that can't be substituted.

3. You can always find something affordable that doesn't look affordable if you know what I mean. This will get your more mom brownie points for half the price.

Here are a few I'm eyeing up and yes they are all affiliate links to go and shop and maybe just maybe I can get one of these for know, since I work so hard at keeping you enteretained and all.

The Beach Tote

The white bag I've never had


The "OMG everyone but me has a mustard yellow handbag" option

And, The Clutch

(and what a clutch this is!)

Which one do you want?

Oh yes, and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms...including my own, who will not be getting a handbag for Mother's Day but rather a lovely Hallmark card that might have a photo of a handbag.




Twincident #145 - differences

This twincident isn't the destructive kind, it's the constructive kind.

It's also a good example of how we have learned to embrace the Twofer's differences.

Each month they bring home a 'family project' from school.
This month the project was to decorate a very large gingerbread man that was cut out of brown paper, then write a
few sentences about it.

L, never one for coloring in the lines, quickly decided she wanted to write about a gingerbread dog. The gingerbread man was clearly the shape of a man..not a dog.
But we added ears, a tail, paws, and a leash and
by George when we were done, it looked like a dog!

Here is her gingerbread dog and accompanying story:

I asked Mommy to bake a gingerbread dog. We gave him lollipop ears, a marshmallow tail, and chocolate nose. He was so nice that I did not eat him. His name is Bruno

M, always quick to feminize things (I say go for it! Girl Power!) turned hers into a gingerbread girl. And when I say girl, I mean girly girl (oh just wait for her story). With my help, M gave the gingerbread girl a dress, shoes, necklace, earrings, nail polish (not on at the time of photo), and red licorice hair.

Once there was a gingerbread girl. She went to the mall. She saw her favorite dress and her favorite shoes and a pair of earrings and a jewelry store. She saw a place where she could get her nails done. Her name was Alyssa.

By the way, I can count on one hand the number of times I've taken the girls to mall in the last 3 years. I also do not spend loads of time on my wardrobe, or makeup. So I have to say that this girly thing of hers is just part of who she is, and for once, not entirely my fault.

I will take full credit for the shoes.

Sometimes I wonder - have we encouraged them to be different or have we encouraged them to be themselves and they are simply that...two very different people?

In the end, I'm happy if they are happy with themselves.

Peace, love, and differences,


Givewaway: 24 Handbags in 24 Hours!

There is a new site about to launch called Handbag Planet and they are going to be giving away a handbag every hour the first day they launch.

All you have to do is go to Handbag Planet, enter with your first name and email (I like that it's limited information) and pick the bag you hope to win (again, nice of them to give us a choice). If you want more chances you can link to their Facebook or Myspace page and, of course, blog about it.

I'm going for the chartreuse colored bag with lots of space. I love that color green. And Mr. Scary will be so happy if I win because then I don't have to go out and buy a new fall handbag (my favorite accessory).

Keeping my fingers crossed,