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Just another reason why I love Twitter. And the 80s

As I wrote about earlier El has been playing around with the little keyboard we have and one of the songs she learned was a very popuar one in the 80s.

She wanted to know the name of the song but I couldn't remember.

We tried Shazam but that doesn't work if you can only hum or sing the song.

I could't find a recording of it without knowing the name so, I asked on Twitter.

But how do you 'sing' a song that has no words on Twitter?

So I typed this:

And then started laughing because who would possibly be able to get that?

Well, my friend @Busymom did and she replied...

And she was totally right!

And then we looked it up on YouTube and El said,

"That song was made in the 80s?!?!?"

and I proudly said,

"Of course".

And she frowned and said,

"But it's such a cool song!"

Whatever punk. You're all punks. The 80s rocked and you missed it.

Forever defending my decade,