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Entries in 52 to Fabulous (3)


52 to Fabulous - Color My World

I am welcoming myself back into this weekly series that explores different ways to get fabulous in just 52 weeks. I've missed a few weeks but that's the beauty of this series - you can always jump right back in!

This week we're talking about using color to help you stay organized.

Currently I keep my family activity on my computer using iCal and color code each entry depending on who it relates to. I use:

Blue for Home (repair services, events we're hosting, vacations, etc.)

Red for Me (blog contest ending dates, appointments, conference calls for work, etc.)

Green for The Mister (appointments when he tells me)

Pink for The Twofer (birthday parties, school events, Daisy meetings...)

The challenge this week is to come up with other ways to get organized using color.

One summer I lived with a friend and his family in Virginia. His mom had the most incredible closet. All of her shoes were lined up perfectly on shoe racks and they were organized by a rainbow.


Color coded shoe collection via Apartment Therapy

The first time I saw it I chuckled.

Then I quickly came to appreciate the genius of it.

And how many shoes she

Now I'm searching for other ways to use the rainbow to help keep me organized. Any ideas?



52 to Fabulous - What a Girl Needs

52 to Fabulous

 So here are this week's instructions for the 52 to Fabulous series I'm doing with friends:

" ...go through the list of categories and choose something you need to do in each area.  If an area doesn’t pertain to you, skip it and move on.  Maybe you are fabulous enough in those ways.

You can choose to list them all, or at least pick the top 3 to share.

Also this week, look at last week’s list of WANTS and choose 1 – any one- and take some action. Even if it’s one simple action step."

I decided to show you my NEED and progress for three of these...

January – Fabulous Beginnings

My Want: I want to get to sleep earlier so that I can START each day feeling better!

My Need: To let go of some things so that I can close the laptop at 11pm.

My Progress: Last week I got to bed at least 3 nights before 11pm so that's something!

February – Fabulous Organization
March – Fabulous Fitness

Want: Exercise 3 times a week

Need: Something besides my swim suit that will motivate me

Progress: I re-joined Netflix and set up a list of TV shows that I've never had time to watch. This week I got Mad Men Season 1 and popped it in my laptop and walked/ran on the treadmill for almost an hour! Note - I did this ONCE this week, and the running part was about 5 minutes of that 60 but you gotta start somewhere!

April – Fabulous Food
May – Fabulous Style

Want: I'm starting a new weekly series called Fashionista Friday

Need: Inspiration to keep up with a weekly series

Progress: I have posted weekly thanks to the technology that allows me to write posts ahead of time and schedule them. So, as long as I can find that inspiration once a month and get my posts done, I should be fine...right?


June – Fabulous Fun
July – Fabulous Hobbies
August – Fabulous Finances
September – Fabulous Family
October – Fabulous Health
November – Fabulous Home
December – Fabulous Blogging´╗┐

What do you need to help you get what you want? How are you progressing? (Sharon - I'm calling on you. You said you subscribed to the newletter)



52 Weeks to Fabulous - Week 1 What a Girl Wants

So, a good friend of mine has started something fun this year and I'm participating!

The 52 Weeks to Fabulous kicks off this week for a year full of fun!

Here are the monthly topics we'll be covering and a few things I already know I WANT to improve this year:

January – Fabulous Beginnings (I want to get to sleep earlier so that I can START each day feeling better!)

February – Fabulous Organization

March – Fabulous Fitness (please - let's just shoot for 3 times a week)

April – Fabulous Food (I want to finally start a small garden)

May – Fabulous Style (I'm starting a new weekly series called Fashionista Friday)

June – Fabulous Fun (schedule a few weekend getaways for the end of Summer)

July – Fabulous Hobbies (make time for reading on a regular basis)

August – Fabulous Finances

September – Fabulous Food (Will I have enough from my garden to try canning?)

October – Fabulous Health

November – Fabulous Home

December – Fabulous Blogging (my goal is 2-3 times a week)


What do you want to work on this year?

Want to get the newsletter? Sign up HERE. Then leave me a comment so we can do this together!