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Winter Break Nintendo Style



I hope everyone enjoyed survived the holiday break with their kids home from school.

We fared well thanks to the geniuses at Nintendo.

It was a cold, windy, and even snowy break here in the DC area. We got out of the house every day but the times that we were hanging out inside were bearable, if not enjoyable, because the Twofer had a plethora of new Nintendo games AND two Nintendo 3DS systems as well!

The girls got Mario Kart Wii (WITH the steering wheel) from their aunt and uncle.

This is the game they have been asking for over and over again and it did not disappoint! Driving with the steering wheel is too much fun and at one point they had to kick me out!

They got LEGO Harry Potter from Santa.

I didn't play this with them but I could hear the cheers and cries as they moved up in 'years' at the Hogwarts school. For any Harry Potter fan, this game is a must. (Cloak and wand not included.)

They got Wii Party from Santa as well.

This I did play and there are actually a gazillion games all packed into one neat little box. Tons of different games to choose from with games for one to four players. Just make sure your wii remotes are fully charged or have new batteries because this one will keep them busy for a while!

And they got Nintendo 3DS systems with two games each from our friends at Nintendo!

Each of them received Style Savvy and Nintendogs & Cats games. Style Savvy is for the fashionista in all of us as we create outfits for ourselves and for the customers that visit our boutique.  Nintendogs & Cats has been a blessiing for this family as we are putting off getting a REAL pet for another year (I hope). Though I can see the girls have a knack for teaching their pets tricks, and being responsible for feeding and loving, we'll see if I wait a whole year.

It wasn't ALL electronics.

I feel the need here to tell you that we did a LOT more than electronics over break. We went to the aquarium, we went swimming at the indoor pool, we visited with family, and we played tons of board games. But if there is a week to allow more screen time than usual, this was the week we were doing it and I'm glad we had a collection of new games to play.

What did YOU play this holiday?



Disclosure: Some of these games were purchased and some were given to us as part of my being a Nintendo Ambassador and I have explained where they came from in the post. All of the opinions expressed are mine and this post was not required, reviewed nor approved prior to being published. Also, some links are affiliate links.