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Buy Gas Now, Save Later?

So I came across this site and I'm thinking, "Am I too late?" I wish I had come across this when gas was only $3.27 a gallon. You know, waaaaay back in....April.

Basically you buy a membership fee now ($40 annually) and you buy a prepaid card with gallons at today's prices in your local area. So I can't get New Jersey prices if I live in Maryland. Then you use that card to fill up and they deduct from the gallons you've purchased. It's supposed to compensate if you end up at a station that charges less than your locked in rate, and also if you travel to a different area.

I've been collecting my receipts when I fill up. Initially it was to track where the 'cheap' gas was. Now it's like this sad history of the price of gas rising over $1 a gallon in less than 3 months. You know, something to share with the kids when everything runs on solar energy.

I got so panicky that now, even at over $4 a gallon, I've bought into the idea that if I spend that money now, it will save later because the price of gas will only go up.

Now if I could just get that Prius...



I don't have a sister. I have a brother. And there are days I'm thankful for that. Sure, we fought. We competed. But it was different, because we were different. We were different ages, we were different sexes, and we accepted each other as siblings and everyone around us expected us to have different friends, hobbies, and the like.

For L & M it's trickier.

They are the same sex, the same age, and while they look different - this has meant they have ALWAYS been compared.

The really 'smart' folks say things like:
"WHY does this one have curly hair and this one straight?"

"Oh look, this is the happy one..."

"I can see who the smart one will be!"

For me, the neurotic mother who projects 10 years ahead, you might as well be saying:
"WHY is this one more popular?"

"Oh look, this is the fat one.."

"I can see who the dumb one is!"

I can only hope that now as they are starting to compare themselves to each other (as well as their friends), they find a way to appreciate their differences, be thankful of what they have, and respect themselves.

I guess that's where I come in huh?
Scary thought.



It's a 'tude thing

I know, I know.
They are 5. They are testing my limits and that's natural. And part of that test is The Attitude.
By The Attitude I mean:
1) an increasing use of the word NO
2) a decrease in the use of the word Please
3) the ability to become blind, deaf and mute when asked to do anything that even resembles a chore

But with twins, they encourage each other to continue the bad behavior....they work together to distract me from what I want them to do...and before I know it, it's a rebellion!

OK, deep breath.
It's really not all that bad. I mean, they are girls, not boys. But I feel the urgency to nip it in the bud before they are 16 and stealing the car keys and...well, you know what we all did.

And so I realized I need to turn to the parenting guidebook that gave me the validation, the direction, and let's face it, the backbone to stand up to these half-decade hooligans running wild in my head and in my home.

Twofer Thumbs Up for the book The Blessings of a Skinned Knee by Wendy Mogel.

I discovered this book at my sister-in-law's house. She had picked it up at a friend's house and never returned it. I picked it up at her house and got on Amazon to order a copy faster than you can say "time out". I have since dished advice, the Amazon link, and actual copies of this book to more parents than I can count. My current copy lives at my neighbors house...and I'm heading over there tomorrow to claim my sanity.

Basically, this book reminds me that the best thing I can do for my kids is to set boundaries for them (to push but ultimately respect), let them learn by making their own mistakes, and that sometimes it's ok to say, "Because I say so!"

After a few pages a real sense of peace comes to me and I'm not so scary.


Just Like an Old Married Couple

Since vacation (which was great!) the girls have been getting used to just having each other. We've been to the pool which helps and I'm trying to schedule some separate play dates. But until camp starts (next week - hurrah!) they are mostly stuck with each other.
And like an old married couple, they fight and forget why.
Let's listen in, shall we?

L: "Mommy, M keeps calling me a liar. This day and all day yesterday and the other day."

Me: "Look L, ignor her, or find another way to deal with it."

M: "I'm going to ignore L Mommy."

Me: "All I can say is you guys better find a way to work it out. All you have is each other so my suggestion is to be nice to each other."

M: "Wait, why were we angry again?"

L: "Because I said you broke the pink thing and you said you didn't."

M: "Oh yea. You want some of my watermelon?"


A Recap...

1) Birthday Party Unwrap: "We" wrote 40 thank you notes in 3 days! Here's how "we" did it:
"You can open up more gifts after you write 10 more thank yous".
Worked like a charm.

M & L are officially 5!

2) Official 5-year Birthday: Celebrated at Fuddruckers! Games, chocolate shake, and my favorite sliders (mini burgers). Plus, my dollar store gifts (butterfly net and bug "house" were a huge hit). Soon I'll reflect more on what it means to me to have 2 five-year olds....but right now there's just too much to do!



3) Spirit week at school: L & M refused to participate in Miss-Match day. I called them names like "boring" and said "learn to laugh at yourselves" and they called me "mean".


However, Crazy Hair day was a big hit!

Can you tell who's who from the back?


I spent the morning straightening L's hair and curling M's. VERY strange to see them that way. They both looked older and it was a little Jon-Benet creepy. Surprise!
M (normally straight hair with curls) and L (normally curly now straight)

Pajama day caused a few arguments, as expected. No, the silky, spaghetti strap nightie (while really very cute) is NOT appropriate to wear to school...EVER.


4) Last Day of Preschool: I could feel myself on the verge of getting sentimental thinking about a new chapter in their lives, and saying goodbye to teachers and friends whom they most likely will never see again. But there's something about the start of summer, and the $20k we'll be saving next year (yea for public school!) that kept the tears at bay :).