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Football Sunday and our Wall of TVs

kickin' back, watching the games

Football Sundays: these are Sundays between September and mid-January when Mr. Scary spends the entire day watching football. It is his ONE THING. He doesn't golf, ride road bikes, or even go out much with the guys. He loves football and I have learned to compromise.

That compromise comes in the form of a Wall of TVs. One large TV surrounded by 6 smaller ones, plus satellite boxes for each and a mound of wiring that could sink a small ship. All this neatly packaged in a custom-made "cabinet" on caster wheels so you can get behind the Beast if necessary. Oh, and there's a TV in the corner by the pool table too.

If I added up what all the TVs, satellite, cable, and electricity bills cost I'm sure it would be disturbing. However, I cannot put a price on what the Wall of TVs has given me in terms of family time, peace of mind, and general happiness on football Sundays.

You see, Mr. Scary isn't out at a bar all day. He's in the basement basking in the glow of the TVs, often with the Twofer playing down there too. He's got his laptop and his cell phone to manage his fantasy teams and suicide leagues. I get to read the entire Sunday paper (a luxury in most households) AND he's available if I should have to run out for errands, or even if I want to sneak upstairs and watch a movie! So really in some ways, this compromise is more like a win-win situation... and a win-win-win if the Ravens do their job!

NOTE: we had this set up before any MTV Cribs episode.

And so without further ado...let me present
The Wall of TVs.

If I was smart I'd find some way to get Best Buy or Tweeter to sponsor this post.

Happy start of football!


Milk vs. Juice - A Kitchen Showdown

"Arrrrrrrrre you ready to ruuuummmmbbbbllleeee?"

In the right corner wearing yellow trunks with a picture of fruit we have the defending Lunch Box Champion, our favorite low sugar juice box!

In the left corner wearing red trunks with a cute cow we have the Horizon Organic single serve strawberry milk!

Ding Ding Ding!

The Twofer sits down to decide what they want in their lunch box to accompany a Turkey-and-American-on-Wheat.....they both seem to be reaching for the juice box out of habit, BUT WAIT!

L is now sizing up the Horizon Organic single serve milk.
And now M is eyeing up the Horizon Organic milk as well!

They are picking up the milk folks. They SLAM it into their lunchboxes! It's a huge hit for the Horizon Organic milk team!

ScaryMom takes the juice back to the corner to wipe the sweat and puts it back into the fridge.

We have a clear winner folks... Horizo
n Organic single serve milk is the new Lunch Box Champion!

In all seriousness though, a big thanks and Twofer Thumbs Up to Mom Central and Horizon Organic for sponsoring this kitchen showdown and for the samples of single serve milk.

As a ScaryMom I'm thrilled because Horizon Organic means there aren't any of those icky pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics in it. As you can guess, I read one article years ago about all the stuff they give to cattle these days and I went organic for meat and dairy practically overnight. The fact that my kids like it is just the cherry on top!

Let me know what you think of the kitchen showdown...I may make it a regular segment.


Twofer Thumbs Up:


First we learn to ride a horse, then a bike.

We all knew it was in their blood. What with Mr. Scary's love of thoroughbreds and his occupation which often takes him and the Twofer to the track to visit, feed, and in general talk horses.

ScaryMom and M walking Dallas to the riding ring
(notice the fear in my gritted teeth?)

But was it asking too much to think my kids would learn to ride a 2-wheel bike before learning to ride a beast that weighs as much as a small car???
Apparently so.M riding Dallas like a pro

For years L & M knew that the horse center near us offered riding lessons starting at age 5. And for the past year and a half they have been counting down the days until they turned 5 and could take riding lessons. I successfully held them off through the summer, but come fall, there was no stopping them.

L holding Mozart
(and showing him who's boss)

What I didn't know is that there is a fair amount of parent participation in riding. Oh yes, see I am responsible for tacking up the horse (I don't even know if I used that term correctly). I have to secure the bridal, reigns, stirrups, and girth belt thingy that holds the saddle on. The girls are simply too short to do it right now, but they are supposed to learn by watching me every week. (So really, I'm paying over $300 per kid to learn how to be a ranch hand.)

However you can see that within the first 30 minute lesson, they learned to climb onto, as well as start, stop, turn, and otherwise "drive" their new friends named Dallas and Mozart. And I have to say they walked away with huge smiles, and feeling like they could rule the world...not that we need much more of that in our house but I guess it's good starting at a new school and all.

Giddyup Mozart. Ride 'em L!

Am I crazy to let them do this? Let me know by answering my poll in the column to the right.

I'll check results after I'm done mucking out the stalls.



On Becoming an Empty Nester

The freedom!
The excitement!
I have become an "empty-nester" (during school days). Both my children are finally out of the house (from 8:30am-3:00pm) and I'm ready to redecorate (clean up and organize).

Yes, today was the first day of kindergarten, and I couldn't muster up a tear to save my life. Had I been able to wipe the grin off my face for even a moment, and maybe dug deep or tried the Alexander technique I picked up in an acting class, then maybe.

I was just too excited for them, for me, and for the mimosas I would be enjoying at my neighbor's house shortly after kissing them goodbye.

A few things of note:
1) We are "walkers" and that, it turns out, is half the fun. Catching your buddies along the way...I felt at times like the Dr. Pepper guy. "I'm a walker. You're a walker? Wouldn't you like to be a walker too!"

Notice we're making good use of those backpacks!

The note cards pinned to them are name/address tags,
NOT price tags (I'm Scary but give me some credit).

2) My issue with over-packing has now spilled into school...I stuffed in extra shoes (more on this), sweaters & jackets...and then almost forgot their lunches!

3) My little fashionista had to change shoes within the first 2 blocks because the new ballet flats were giving her a blister...I'm just glad she's not a total slave to fashion. See her bravely sporting the orange Frocs (fake Crocs) below.

M lining up outside her classroom.

L waiting patiently at the end of her line.

4) Both girls seemed nervous but excited and neither of them cried nor clung. They were brave and I am so very proud of them...ok, I feel the smallest tear now starting to form.

5) I have learned the real secret to stopping global warming...make all school memos electronic. Of course, then we wouldn't need a backpack. It always come back to the backpack.

Happy back-to-school everyone,

ScaryMom of 2 kindergarteners


Mine Happy at the Bay

sing to the tune of "My Favorite Things"
Blue crabs and boat rides

And tubing and high tides

Good friends and games
With kids running insane

Cruising the seas and lunch at the beach.
These are a few of my favorite things!

OK, enough singing. But seriously, our neighbors had us down to their bay house and treated us to an amazing weekend filled with too much food, too much sun, and too little sleep. But ya gotta live on the edge sometimes.

So here are some pics and a big shout out to T, K, A, and little M who snapped up my affections with his way of saying "mine" when he refers to himself.

M, ScaryMom & L on the dock

Nothing like a loud motor to get you to nap!

Don't rock the boat!