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5 Rainy Day Playdate Activities

Today my kids have a half day of school. To get some work done I invited 2 of their friends over. 4 tweens running around for 3 hours. Oh how I wish it wasn't raining!

But it is. So here are 5 activities I plan to pull out while they tear up my house for 3 I can work.

And then clean up.

1. Fort Building

 blanket for the Twofer built just in time to block football on our wall of TVs

I've already scattered the blankets, pillows, small folding tables, etc across the house so it will take them a good 30 minutes just to gather the supplies! Building it is half the fun but the other half is snack time inside the fort.


2. Mold and Bake Cookies

Can you imagine 288 packs of deeelish frozen cookie dough? MMM

If the fort doesn't keep them occupied I have some Pillsbury Frozen Cookie Dough they can mold with their clean hands into various cookie shapes. Saves me the messy kitchen of mixing from scratch, but still loads of fun.


3. Crafty McCrafsters

I'm not known as a crafty mom but in a pinch I can whip out one of my 14 aprons (YES - 14!) and my craft supplies and get them working on something fun. Whether it's picture frames or beading, I've got something to keep kids busy for at least an hour.


4.Walking in the Rain

image via Wikipedia

Eight year olds still need to get outside and get some exercise. I always have extra sweat pants and socks around so kids can get soaked and have fun without ruining their clothes. We usually have extra shoes too! So why not dig out our supply of umbrellas and head out for a walk in the rain? Only if it's not thundering or lightening of course!


5. Wiiiiiiiii

I'm not too proud to get a good Wii tennish match going to keep them moving in the basement! They'll need to clean up that fort first though.


What do you do when you've got a 3 hour playdate at your house and it rains? Besides panic...


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links. That means if you click the link and buy something, I get some pennies.


Swim. Bike. Run. Done! Twofer Complete a Kid's Triathlon

With all the news about childhood obesity, the kids triathlon movement is a welcome dose of the alternative.

Not only CAN kids do things even their parents wouldn't dream of doing, but they often WANT to, and they have FUN doing it!

Who knew?

A friend of mine put together the Moco Mojo Kids Tri that was held last weekend in Silver Spring, MD. At first, I was resistant to have the girls participate and I actually talked Em out of registering because she can be such a whiner when we go on our 2 mile bike ride (one way, so I guess really 4 miles) to the library. I was like, "You complain after a 2-mile bike ride! Imagine adding a swim and a run to that!"

She, surprisingly, agreed with me. Until 2 days before the event when she went to watch El practice transitioning from pool to bike. It just looked like a lot of fun to her, all her friends were doing it, etc. So, I've learned a lesson.

Who am I to keep my kid from tapping into her competitive spirit and taking on a challenge?

bthe bike staging area, preparing to swim, and running through the finish line

Here's what they had to do for their age group (7-9 yr olds)

Swim a 50 meter

Bike 2 miles

Run .5 miles

Kids Tri Events Keep Kids and Parents the right direction

The distances varied for the younger (yes, younger!) kids and older kids, and some parents were able to run along or even bike with their kids for encouragement.  The event started in waves with the older kids heading off first. The pool was COLD and the temperature outside was EVEN COLDER so the swim was optional. We took some extra time after the swim to get El's bathing suit top off, and a dry shirt on, because she had had a fever the night before and...oy, that sounds so awful but honestly, she wanted to do this and felt FINE besides the fever!


Above you'll see the t-shirt designed by one of the participants, Em getting marked before the start, the perfect tri set-up as taught to us by the organizer, and my two triathlons!

The best part was the volunteer team that helped coordinate, set up, manage, and break down the event so that all these kids could feel like real athletes. THAT is how you get kids to keep moving and live a healthy lifestyle.

For more information on kids triathlon event in your area check out:

Iron Kids


Have your kids joined a running team or participated in an event like this? If so, please tell us where and post a link if you have one in the comments!


Fashion Friday - Feathered Headbands

The Girls found these during our latest "shop-til-you-drop" excursion with my mom. In the words of Rachel Zoe




I found these feather headbands on Amazon:


Love the colors, the elegance and the fact that they are affordable!

Disclosure: some links are affiliate links.


BIG Changes Coming to Disney World

As a lucky blogger who was invited to attend the Disney Summer Social event in Baltimore I received more than some fancy Disney swag.

I got the cutest USB with all the inside information about changes coming to the home of my favorite mouse!

Fantasyland Expansion

I'm a huge fan of Magic Kingdom and especially Fantasyland with so many must-do rides including Dumbo, Peter Pan, and It's a Small World. The news that Fantasyland is going to nearly double is just a little exciting for me. Dumbo will now have two carousels and interactive games in the queue, making waiting to ride will be nearly as much fun as the ride itself!

Two new rides will take guest through Ariel's world, undersea and above, and through the Seven Dwarfs mine.


Brand New Art of Animation Resort

A new Disney resort hotel is under construction that is built around various themes of animation. This resort will have suites that can fit multiple generations of family members comfortably in rooms that bring to life favorite Disney movies including Cars, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo.

This would be a great option for a trip we take with my mom and my brother and his family.

When will all this new stuff be completed? Some of it as early as 2012 but be sure to read the Disney Parks Blog for updates, sneak peeks, photos and videos of all that's new with Disney!


Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this post but I was invited to attend a Summer Social with Disney at the Hyatt in Baltimore. We enjoyed lunch, activities, and a good bag filled with Disney treats. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published.


I Don't Like Baseball but...

Here’s why I’m not a big fan of baseball

image of Otto the Orange via Wikipedia

That funny creature is the Syracuse University mascot, Otto the Orangeman. His rounded figure brings back memories for me of a game that is loud, squeaky, exciting, and most importantly, FAST PACED.
That game is basketball.

It’s very hard for someone who’s fallen in love with college basketball to settle into a game where there’s a stretch….A STRETCH for the fans at the 7th inning.

That said, I don’t like baseball but…

Minor League Baseball may change that.

Recently The Mister took it upon himself to plan a ‘family night’ as we call it around these parts. His surprise?

Frederick Keys Baseball Game

We have heard from other families in our neighborhood [link to other article] who went to a minor league baseball game like the Frederick Keys and the Bowie Baysox, and raved about it. (In case you didn’t know, the Washington, DC and Baltimore area is BIG on baseball. Did you know crowds here scream out “O!”  for Orioles when it comes to the part, “O say does that star spangled..” during the National Anthem?)

What makes it so much fun?

Good seats for cheap

You can get up close and personal to the action and not empty your wallet doing so. I think our upgraded tickets were maybe $15 each. General admission was only $8 I think. We were close enough to hear the sharp crack of the bat and see the dirt fly as players slid into first base.

Silly Games

Spin around the bat game!

Apparently this is a thing minor league games are known for. During various breaks in the game, they have fans come out and participate in silly races like see who can make a giant hamburger in the shortest amount of time, or spin around with your head on a baseball bat and then try and ‘golf’. That last one always cracks me up as the participants run sideways and in this case, ended up in the dugout!

Kids are VIPs

At the Frederick Keys stadium there is an entire area devoted to kids with a carousel, moon bounces, and carnival games. Sure, it all costs a little extra but we’re talking $1.00 for each or you can give in and by a booklet of tickets for maybe $10.

Not only that, at the end of the game kids are encouraged to ‘run the bases’ so they can feel what it’s like to get out onto the diamond and under the bright lights just like the players.
[photo of girls running bases]

I imagine there is at least one kid in every car talking about growing up to be a baseball player on the ride home after each game.

All of this first-class kid treatment leads up to the finale…


Yes, real 4th of July type fireworks afterward. I don’t think this happens every game and I don’t know if other minor league games have them, but the Frederick Keys do!

The season is basically over but for more information visit the Frederick Keys page of the MiLB website and to find a minor league team in your area visit