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My Hallmark Moment: When a 3 year old told me to worry about myself

Celebrate the Small Stuff

Today I had the pleasure of joining a team from Hallmark at Old Ebbitt Grill in DC for a little brunch, a LOT of coffee, a few tears, and a reminder that we should celebrate the small stuff.

After the team from Hallmark shared their 'Special Occasion' stories, it was our turn to share. We had nifty t-shirts to personalize as a reminder of our occasion:

Hallmark Special Occasion

I was the last to share and after hearing everyone else's story I was amazed at how much we really can appreciate the little moments in life...

if we only take the time to do so.

What me worry?

I shared that every since my twins were young I had to give up a lot of control when it comes to what they wore. At most I was able to suggest clothing that was appropriate for the weather that day, but even then I would lose the battle. And with so many battles, this was not one I was always willing to fight.

Once when the girls were 3, Ellie came downstairs wearing something that was not great for whatever the occasion was. I 'suggested' she find something warmer, colder, fancier, etc...I can't remember now.

She explained,

"Mommy, I worry about what I wear and you worry about what you wear."


How can you argue with that?

Hallmark has more than cards to help you celebrate everyday moments

I love Hallmark cards

After sharing our everyday, yet very memorable moments, I was able to look at a number of new Hallmark products that can help me make more memories from these little special occasions. They have awesome cards, and I was able to meet some of the writers and creative team, but they have so much more.

Record your voice reading the book so that when you can't be there, you can still read to them before bedtime!


Interactive books like the one pictured above are something new to Hallmark. One of the writers shared a book she wrote that interacts with a tree ornament. These are not only festive, they make great gifts for the kid who has just about everything!

What special everyday moment would you have shared?

Disclosure: I enjoyed a delicious breakfast and gift bag from Hallmark. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published. 



You Can be Part of Breast Cancer Research Even if You Don't Have Breast Cancer

All Women can Help Scientists Research Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has been around for why don't we know more about it and how to prevent it? Why is breast cancer still taking lives? When Dr. Susan Love asked scientists this question they explained that they had studies that simply required women, of all ages, races, and health conditions, to participate. They simply didn't know how to find these women. According to the Army of Women website,

"Dr. Love realized the problem wasnít that women didnít want to participate in these studies, but that they didnít know that they were needed. In short order, the idea was born of an Army of Women ready to serve science."


Join the Army of Women and Lifetime will Donate $1


When you join the Army of Women you will receive periodic emails with research studies looking for participants ñ both with and without breast cancer. If you are interested in participating in a study, click on the Call to Action and you'll be asked a few questions to determine if you are a fit, then you will be put in touch with a researcher. It's that easy, flexible, and yet so important.

Ready to join the Army of Women?

For every Army of Women recruit who joins through Lifetime Moms, Lifetime will donate $1 to the cause. So, be sure to pass along this post, or the link to Lifetime Moms / Army of Women ( to your friends, family, and neighbors.


What's Your Sweetest or Sauciest Dining Out Experience? is celebrating dining out with a Sweet vs. Saucy contest


We all know that big things can happen when you are out to dinner. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and other big life moments with our family. We also experience blind dates, connections with lost loves, and a few moments we'd rather not have captured on film.

If you are brave enough to share your Sweetest or Sauciest dining out moment, you just might be rewarded. Visit the Facebook page to share your Sweet or Saucy dining moment and you might win $1,000! Hurry though - you have to have your story uploaded by October 21, 2011.

Check out the Sweet vs Saucy how-to video here:

My Sweet Dining Out Story

I did my own video to capture my sweet dining out story that I'm going to enter. What do you think?

Share your own and share the prize if you win...with me of course!

Disclosure: as a thank you for spreading the word about the contest I am going to be compensated with a gift card and movie tickets. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published. I purchase certificates on my own and my sweet story is a true story and if I win $1000 I will be sure to share the news with you!


What's Better than a Turkey in the Oven at the Holidays? Two Ovens!

Frigidaire has launched a new range with Symmetry Double Ovens that can hold not one, but two 28 lb turkeys!

We have had double wall ovens for years (not Frigidaire) and they have been what makes hosting the holidays at my house even a possibility. While the bird is cooking in one oven, I can be making appetizers, baking an apple pie, or reheating side dishes that my family members bring.

The Frigidaire Symmetry range is a freestanding ranges, so you don't need the wall space, preheats in just 4 minutes, and has a Keep Warm zone.

Get Turkey Tips, Donate a Turkey to Save the Children

To celebrate the Symmetry and the ability to cook 2 turkeys, Frigidaire has teamed up with Jennifer Garner to help you with turkey tips for this holiday season.  For the first 550 visits to and Jennifer's Turkey Tips, Frigidaire will donate $1 and a turkey to Save the Children to support their US programs and families.

Disclosure: I received a gift card to purchase two turkeys this holiday season as a thank you for continuing to support Frigidaire. I was a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom a few years ago and still am loving my affinity washer and dryer. All opinions expressed here are my own and these posts are neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published. Also, my dad worked for Save the Chilren for a few years and we sponsored various children, so my interest in this program goes way beyond turkey.


Dancing with Beyonce and snapping Larry King's Suspenders at the Wax Museum

A Little History and a Little Camp Never Hurt Anyone

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum offers the right balance of campiness and seriousness for a Washington, DC  museum. Wandering among the wax figures of famous people, you can actually learn a little about history, as you experience it.

You can cross the Potomac with General George Washington.

You can sit at the back of the bus with Rosa Parks.

And you can dance with Beyonce...

dancing with Beyonce

Flirt with Larry King

Well Hello Larry!

Hang with the President and First Lady

El with the Obamas

Plus, even the bathrooms are fun. Em felt right at home.

The rule at Madame Tussauds is no touching the hair and face. Everything else is welcomed and they even supply props. The museum is located in downtown DC just around the corner from the Metro Center station. You can save 15% if you pre-order your tickets online. Expect to spend at least an hour, maybe more if there's a crowd because you'll have to wait your turn to pose with the figures.

Have you been to a Madame Tussaud's in another city?