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Wii U Kids vs Parents

In this tecnology-driven world it is not unusual for kids to know more than their parents.

For example, my kids knew how to set the TV, Direct TV, and cables to get the Wii to working in the basement before I did. In addition, they knew how to use many of the features on my iPhone before I did.

So when we received a Wii U from Nintendo, I was both excited and a little worried because the Wii U has many more opportunities for players to interact with people outside of their home. What I learned after hosting a Wii U party is that Nintendo KNOWS how kids think and how parents worry, and they have plenty of controls that can be put in place.

But first, we played

A parent in the hot seat during Mario Chase

One of the best ways to play Wii U is parents vs kids and the new Wii U tablet controler allows game designers to create games where the players using the Wii remotes are actually playing against the person with the tablet!  One of these games was Mario Race. In this game, an adult was Mario and using the tablet. As Mario the goal is to avoid being caught by the other players (in this case the kids).

I am NOT a huge gamer but this game had me sweating, squeeling, and bouncing in my seat.

I WON! They could not catch me!

And then we sang and danced!

Sing Party offer lots of opportunity to dance too!

The Wii U Sing Party game was of course a group favorite. Part karaoke, part dance lessons, this game brought kids and parents togethe to sing (using microphones the song lyrics on the tablet), and follow the dance moves shown on the TV.

At last, we set down the Parental rules

With the Wii U you can use the internet connection to chat with friends, play against someone in another country, and shop the Nintendo store among other things. All great features, but a parent's nightmare. And so the party leaders (trained in Wii U) showed us how to set Wii U parental controls so that kids can only connect when we want them to.

 In all we learned why we love the Wii U.

Tons a new ways to play together and against each other. Lots of additional features that even parents can figure out. Easy parental controls.

Have you tried the Wii U yet?



Disclosure: as a Nintendo ambassador I received a Wii U and three games at no charge for the purposes of having a party to showcase the system. All opinons are my own and this post was not reviewed nor approved by anyone.

Reader Comments (2)

This sounds like so much fun! This would be perfect for our Friday game night.

March 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMelanie Nelson

We LOVE our WiiU!!! This party sounds like fun and now I know that I can set up those parental controls! Thanks!!

March 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEmily Vanek

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