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Easy Last Minute Valentine's Day Cards Using Glow Sticks

Need a last minute Valentine's Day craft or card idea that does NOT includ candy but still leaves kids with a little surprise?

Last year we had a huge hit on our hands with this card.

This year, we decided to try something new.

I Hope Your Day Glows Valentine's Day Card


Glow stick can be removed and worn

Item's you'll need:

card stock (red for the heart another color for an arrow)

tube of mini glow stick bracelets (I found a tube of 25 for $1 at Michael's)

scissors or cutting tool

stickers, stamps or glitter to decorate

doilie (optional) to glue to the back of the card for additional decoration

Hope your day glows!

How to assemble the card:

Create a heart with 4 to a page in a Word document then print enough for the entire class (and teacher) onto red card stock

Make marks where the glow stick will go in and out in the heart

Decorate the heart and address the cards around the area where the glow stick will go (I thought adding a doilie to the back of the red card and having the edges a little frilly would be cute but my daughter nixed it)

Use a scissors or Exacto knife and cutting board to score an X on the spots marked for the glow sticks.

*TIP - score the X's farther apart so the card bends less when you put the stick through

My daughter then used a pencil to poke a cleaner hole through the X

Be careful not to bend the glow stick when you insert it through the holes or it will activate the glow!

Use another color card stock to make arrow tips - either another smallter heart or a triangle and tape these to the tip of one end of the glow stick

Add the glow stick bracelet connector (comes in the tube) to the other end

Kids can pull out the glow stick, activate the glow, then connect the two ends around their wrist to wear it home!


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