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18 Summers

This year I couldn't make the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration - a conference where Disney celebrates the influence of digital parents, treats them to a speaker series unlike any other (think Peter Shankman, Chris Brogan, Maxine Clark, the woman who started Build-A-Bear, and many other great minds), then lets attendees and their families explore the parks and enjoy unique entertainment.

It's Magical.

I feel like I'm getting 1st Class treatment every time I'm with Disney whether it's when we took our twins for their 6th birthday, visiting with the conference, or at a local Disney event.

Through the Disney SM Moms conference (search for posts on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ with this hashtag #DisneySMMoms) we learn what new attractions Disney has in store at various parks, and learn about other Disney properties including the line of cruise ships and vacation properties. (think Hawaii).

Disney is the King when it comes to customer service and creating magical, bonding moments for me and my family.

It is no surprise that Disney is the one who woke me up to the fact that I only have 18 summers with my children. I know not every summer can include a visit to Disney, but I can be sure to create my own magic.

Then I realized…my twins are 9. I only have 9 more summers with them!

This summer will be a little different.


Instead of 5 weeks of camp, the girls are enrolled in 2 weeks.

Instead of work being the focus for the next 3 months, I'm fitting work in around our play schedule.

I have purchased a few Groupon deals and have marked the calendar (in pen) the days where we'll visit the adventure park, the bowling alley, and other sites where we bought deals. (Buying the ticket ahead of time via Groupon or some other discount site makes it harder to blow off a day of play. The tickets have been purchased. We have to go!)

I will be working while on vacation, but I have limited it severely. (Admittedly I still can't bring myself to set that email vacation responder for fear of lost opportunity. Baby steps.)

I am 'considering' adding a responder that says "during the summer break I may take more than 24 hours to respond to an email but I will get to it, I promise" or something to alert people so they are aware in case they are trying to reach me for something urgent.

Have you considered that we only have 18 summers with our children? Have you thought about how you might make changes to make the most of them?

And - I'd love to know who's going to Disney!


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