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5 Rainy Day Playdate Activities

Today my kids have a half day of school. To get some work done I invited 2 of their friends over. 4 tweens running around for 3 hours. Oh how I wish it wasn't raining!

But it is. So here are 5 activities I plan to pull out while they tear up my house for 3 I can work.

And then clean up.

1. Fort Building

 blanket for the Twofer built just in time to block football on our wall of TVs

I've already scattered the blankets, pillows, small folding tables, etc across the house so it will take them a good 30 minutes just to gather the supplies! Building it is half the fun but the other half is snack time inside the fort.


2. Mold and Bake Cookies

Can you imagine 288 packs of deeelish frozen cookie dough? MMM

If the fort doesn't keep them occupied I have some Pillsbury Frozen Cookie Dough they can mold with their clean hands into various cookie shapes. Saves me the messy kitchen of mixing from scratch, but still loads of fun.


3. Crafty McCrafsters

I'm not known as a crafty mom but in a pinch I can whip out one of my 14 aprons (YES - 14!) and my craft supplies and get them working on something fun. Whether it's picture frames or beading, I've got something to keep kids busy for at least an hour.


4.Walking in the Rain

image via Wikipedia

Eight year olds still need to get outside and get some exercise. I always have extra sweat pants and socks around so kids can get soaked and have fun without ruining their clothes. We usually have extra shoes too! So why not dig out our supply of umbrellas and head out for a walk in the rain? Only if it's not thundering or lightening of course!


5. Wiiiiiiiii

I'm not too proud to get a good Wii tennish match going to keep them moving in the basement! They'll need to clean up that fort first though.


What do you do when you've got a 3 hour playdate at your house and it rains? Besides panic...


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