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Plyg Talk - What is the cost of having such a large family?

As Jannelle said, "We were struggling to keep the roof over our own heads". What would the cost of adding another wife and three more kids be for the Brown family?

image of Kody and Robyn's family via TLC

Surprisingly, the high cost is measured not just in money, but in someone's self-worth.

Each wife brings something of value to the Brown family

The first three wives had clear positions: Jannelle and Meri worked while Christine stayed home with the kids. So where and how would Robyn fit in?

For now Robyn is staying home and helping Christine. But we can see she is struggling to prove her worth, her expense, and the impact she has on this family. She wants to make sure the other wives can see her value.

It's an odd thing for a wife to say.

Or is it?

I remember feeling very strange about not working for the first 5 months after the twins were born. I remember wanting to feel worthy of something more than feeding and burping.

Have you ever felt that way?

Investing in each relationship is investing in the family

All married couples know that it's important to have a date night. It keeps you talking about things other than the KIDS. How many of us actually set aside time for date night?

I think Kody, with all his wives, is admirable in the way he makes time for each of them. Even if it's just twice a year, we learn that he and Janelle go away for an overnight. It's two more times a year than the Mister and I do!

Maybe having so many wives, so many people, and so much chaos forces you to make the time to get away like in the way that the busier I am the better I seem to manage my time?

You would think with only one relationship, one marriage, we'd have more time and money to invest in ourselves. Who knew that crazy-haired Kody would teach me something about personal finance?


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