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Plyg Talk - When Grandmas Become Sister Wives

Sunday's Sister Wives episode had a BOMB DROP!

Janelle's mom married Kody's Dad.

There, I said it.

I suppose that means that Janelle and Kody are technically step- brother and sister who then got married which is breaking another law.

And I am still defending this family.

Why? Because it all went down so....naturally!

Getting to know the Grandmas

There was so much to Sunday's episode but the big thing for me was learning more about the grandparents the family went to visit, than the 'investigation' going on back at their home that they were trying to escape.

You see Kody's parents were not polygamists. Neither were Janelle's.

Kody entered what they call The Faith and Meri (who wanted this lifestyle) sought out Janelle.

Janelle and Kody fell in love and both realized they wanted a plural marriage.

Janelle's family all but abandoned her. All, but her mom.

Janelle's mom would come around to support her daughter, but also she became curious about the lifestyle.

Janelle's mom, Sheryl, then fell in love with Kody's dad.

Kody's mom, Genielle (yes, already too many variations of the name Janel going on), admits that she was jealous, angry, and not happy.

Both grandmas admit it was rough the first few years.

They got over it.

Somehow this breed of polygamist people figure out how to move beyond jealousy and not just accept the other person, but EMBRACE them and love them and develop their own relationship.

This is why I still defend this family.

It's not for me, but these people are choosing this lifestyle.

Again, and again.

No one (in this family) seems forced into it. They want it - tough times and all.

But most importantly they want to stop hiding.

Even if it means opening up the WHOLE trutch that grandmas are sister wives and a married couple are technically step-siblings.

The grandmas know that Kody and his family coming out means they are coming out too.

They know it could mean long cold stares at the grocery store in their community.

But they love and support their kids, and grandkids and want life to be easier in the long run for all of them.

That's what I admire most.

If you need to catch up you can get Sister Wives season 1 off Amazon:



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