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The Sisterhood

Tonight I was at a business networking event. I got to wear my big girl pants, talk a little shop, and drink a glass of wine. But the conversation that affected me the most was with one of the attendees who it turns out is in

The Sisterhood.

Oh how sweet it is when they play well together

Twin Moms Stick Together

We moms of twins, as much as we try to blend in, are different.

We have anxieties that only someone with 2 kids who are CONSTANTLY COMPARED can understand.

This woman has 11 year old twin girls.

As soon as she found out I have 8 year old twin girls she gave me

The Look.

The look that says, "I know what you are going through. I understand your fears. And you are right to be afraid. But we are survivors."

Yes, a look can say all that and more.

Because only a moms of twins (and possibly only a mom of twin girls who are about to embark on a trips through the Sea of Hormones) can understand the fear and anxiety that comes with knowing we'll have to manage

2 girls who are constantly compared BY others and By themselves

maturing at different stages

experiencing hormones, changes, drama...

together, and yet, alone.

As soon as I meet another Sister we are quick to bond.

We understand that we struggle to help our kids navigate because we weren't twins. We may have had siblings, we may have experienced comparisons, but there was a buffer in a difference of sex (I had a brother), age, or grade to ease the comparison.

We bond when we discuss the dominant twin and how that role can switch from time to time.

We trade stories of similarities, differences, separation.

We hold onto hope that they stay close, like Mary Kate and Ashley, rather than divided, like Cain and Able (who were not twins but the only reference of sibling rivalry I could come up with for now)

Then we hug each other goodbye knowing we have met someone who understands.

Reader Comments (1)

What a wonderful thing to find someone to bond/connect with going through the same thing.

April 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCorey Feldman

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